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/* CFSystemDirectories.c
Copyright (c) 1997-2016, Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Portions Copyright (c) 2014-2016 Apple Inc. and the Swift project authors
Licensed under Apache License v2.0 with Runtime Library Exception
See for license information
See for the list of Swift project authors
Responsibility: Kevin Perry
This file defines CFCopySearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains().
On MacOS 8, this function returns empty array.
On Mach, it calls the System.framework enumeration functions.
On Windows, it calls the enumeration functions defined here.
#include <CoreFoundation/CFPriv.h>
#include "CFInternal.h"
/* We use the System framework implementation on Mach.
#include <libc.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <pwd.h>
#include <sysdir.h>
// For now, CFSystemDirectories SPIs are exactly equivalent to (or at least a subset of) sysdir's. NSSearchPath* APIs in Foundation are not a subset of sysdir, so don't attempt to push that functionality down here without accommodating the differences.
#define CFSearchPathToSysdir(dir) ((sysdir_search_path_directory_t)dir)
#define CFSearchPathDomainMaskToSysdir(mask) ((sysdir_search_path_domain_mask_t)domainMask)
CFSearchPathEnumerationState __CFStartSearchPathEnumeration(CFSearchPathDirectory dir, CFSearchPathDomainMask domainMask) {
return sysdir_start_search_path_enumeration(CFSearchPathToSysdir(dir), CFSearchPathDomainMaskToSysdir(domainMask));
CFSearchPathEnumerationState __CFGetNextSearchPathEnumeration(CFSearchPathEnumerationState state, uint8_t *path, CFIndex pathSize) {
CFSearchPathEnumerationState result;
// NSGetNextSearchPathEnumeration requires a MAX_PATH size
if (pathSize < PATH_MAX) {
uint8_t tempPath[PATH_MAX];
result = sysdir_get_next_search_path_enumeration(state, (char *)tempPath);
strlcpy((char *)path, (char *)tempPath, pathSize);
} else {
result = sysdir_get_next_search_path_enumeration(state, (char *)path);
return result;
CFArrayRef CFCopySearchPathForDirectoriesInDomains(CFSearchPathDirectory directory, CFSearchPathDomainMask domainMask, Boolean expandTilde) {
CFMutableArrayRef array;
CFSearchPathEnumerationState state;
CFIndex homeLen = -1;
char cPath[CFMaxPathSize], home[CFMaxPathSize];
array = CFArrayCreateMutable(kCFAllocatorSystemDefault, 0, &kCFTypeArrayCallBacks);
state = __CFStartSearchPathEnumeration(directory, domainMask);
while ((state = __CFGetNextSearchPathEnumeration(state, (uint8_t *)cPath, sizeof(cPath)))) {
CFURLRef url = NULL;
if (expandTilde && (cPath[0] == '~')) {
if (homeLen < 0) {
CFURLRef homeURL = CFCopyHomeDirectoryURLForUser(NULL);
if (homeURL) {
CFURLGetFileSystemRepresentation(homeURL, true, (uint8_t *)home, CFMaxPathSize);
homeLen = strlen(home);
if (homeLen + strlen(cPath) < CFMaxPathSize) {
home[homeLen] = '\0';
strlcat(home, &cPath[1], sizeof(home));
url = CFURLCreateFromFileSystemRepresentation(kCFAllocatorSystemDefault, (uint8_t *)home, strlen(home), true);
} else {
url = CFURLCreateFromFileSystemRepresentation(kCFAllocatorSystemDefault, (uint8_t *)cPath, strlen(cPath), true);
if (url) {
CFArrayAppendValue(array, url);
return array;
#undef numDirs
#undef numApplicationDirs
#undef numLibraryDirs
#undef numDomains
#undef invalidDomains
#undef invalidDomains