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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fsyntax-only -verify %s
template<typename T>
struct X {
X<T*> *ptr;
X<int> x;
struct X<int***> {
typedef X<int***> *ptr;
X<float>::X<int> xi = x; // expected-error{{qualified reference to 'X' is a constructor name rather than a template name wherever a constructor can be declared}}
// [temp.local]p1:
// FIXME: test template template parameters
template<typename T, typename U>
struct X0 {
typedef T type;
typedef U U_type;
typedef U_type U_type2;
void f0(const X0&); // expected-note{{here}}
void f0(X0&);
void f0(const X0<T, U>&); // expected-error{{redecl}}
void f1(const X0&); // expected-note{{here}}
void f1(X0&);
void f1(const X0<type, U_type2>&); // expected-error{{redecl}}
void f2(const X0&); // expected-note{{here}}
void f2(X0&);
void f2(const ::X0<type, U_type2>&); // expected-error{{redecl}}
template<typename T, T N>
struct X1 {
void f0(const X1&); // expected-note{{here}}
void f0(X1&);
void f0(const X1<T, N>&); // expected-error{{redecl}}
namespace pr6326 {
template <class T> class A {
friend class A;
template class A<int>;
namespace ForwardDecls {
template<typename T>
struct X;
template<typename T>
struct X {
typedef T foo;
typedef X<T> xt;
typename xt::foo *t;
namespace ConflictingRedecl {
template<typename> struct Nested {
template<typename> struct Nested; // expected-error {{member 'Nested' has the same name as its class}}