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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -triple x86_64-apple-darwin11 -fsyntax-only -fobjc-arc -fblocks -verify %s
typedef const void *CFTypeRef;
typedef const struct __CFString *CFStringRef;
@interface NSString
CFTypeRef CFCreateSomething();
CFStringRef CFCreateString();
CFTypeRef CFGetSomething();
CFStringRef CFGetString();
id CreateSomething();
NSString *CreateNSString();
template<typename IdType, typename StringType, typename IntPtrType>
void from_cf() {
id obj1 = (__bridge_transfer IdType)CFCreateSomething();
id obj2 = (__bridge_transfer StringType)CFCreateString();
(__bridge IntPtrType)CFCreateSomething(); // expected-error{{incompatible types casting 'CFTypeRef' (aka 'const void *') to 'int *' with a __bridge cast}}
id obj3 = (__bridge IdType)CFGetSomething();
id obj4 = (__bridge StringType)CFGetString();
template void from_cf<id, NSString*, int*>(); // expected-note{{in instantiation of function template specialization}}
template<typename IdType, typename StringType>
void to_cf(id obj) {
CFTypeRef cf1 = (__bridge_retained IdType)CreateSomething();
CFStringRef cf2 = (__bridge_retained StringType)CreateNSString();
CFTypeRef cf3 = (__bridge IdType)CreateSomething();
CFStringRef cf4 = (__bridge StringType)CreateNSString();
template void to_cf<CFTypeRef, CFStringRef>(id);
// rdar://problem/20107345
typedef const struct __attribute__((objc_bridge(id))) __CFAnnotatedObject *CFAnnotatedObjectRef;
CFAnnotatedObjectRef CFGetAnnotated();
void testObjCBridgeId() {
id obj;
obj = (__bridge id)CFGetAnnotated();
obj = (__bridge NSString*)CFGetAnnotated();
obj = (__bridge_transfer id)CFGetAnnotated();
obj = (__bridge_transfer NSString*)CFGetAnnotated();
CFAnnotatedObjectRef ref;
ref = (__bridge CFAnnotatedObjectRef) CreateSomething();
ref = (__bridge CFAnnotatedObjectRef) CreateNSString();
ref = (__bridge_retained CFAnnotatedObjectRef) CreateSomething();
ref = (__bridge_retained CFAnnotatedObjectRef) CreateNSString();