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// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -triple=armv7-apple-darwin10 -emit-llvm -o - -fexceptions -fcxx-exceptions | FileCheck %s
// Check that we annotate all compiler-synthesized runtime calls and
// functions with the actual ABI-determined CC. This usually doesn't
// matter as long as we're internally consistent (and the LLVM-default
// CC is consistent with the real one), but it's possible for user
// translation units to define these runtime functions (or, equivalently,
// for us to get LTO'ed with such a translation unit), and then the
// mismatch will kill us.
// rdar://12818655
// CHECK: [[A:%.*]] = type { double }
namespace test0 {
struct A {
double d;
A global;
// CHECK-LABEL: define internal void @__cxx_global_var_init()
// CHECK: call [[A]]* @_ZN5test01AC1Ev([[A]]* @_ZN5test06globalE)
// CHECK-NEXT: call i32 @__cxa_atexit(void (i8*)* bitcast ([[A]]* ([[A]]*)* @_ZN5test01AD1Ev to void (i8*)*), i8* bitcast ([[A]]* @_ZN5test06globalE to i8*), i8* @__dso_handle) [[NOUNWIND:#[0-9]+]]
// CHECK-NEXT: ret void
// CHECK: declare i32 @__cxa_atexit(void (i8*)*, i8*, i8*) [[NOUNWIND]]
namespace test1 {
void test() {
throw 0;
// CHECK-LABEL: define void @_ZN5test14testEv()
// CHECK: [[T0:%.*]] = call i8* @__cxa_allocate_exception(i32 4) [[NOUNWIND]]
// CHECK-NEXT: [[T1:%.*]] = bitcast i8* [[T0]] to i32*
// CHECK-NEXT: store i32 0, i32* [[T1]]
// CHECK-NEXT: call void @__cxa_throw(i8* [[T0]], i8* bitcast (i8** @_ZTIi to i8*), i8* null) [[NORETURN:#[0-9]+]]
// CHECK-NEXT: unreachable
// CHECK: declare i8* @__cxa_allocate_exception(i32)
// CHECK: declare void @__cxa_throw(i8*, i8*, i8*)
// CHECK-LABEL: define internal void @_GLOBAL__sub_I_runtimecc.cpp()
// CHECK: call void @__cxx_global_var_init()
// CHECK: attributes [[NOUNWIND]] = { nounwind }
// CHECK: attributes [[NORETURN]] = { noreturn }