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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -Wno-microsoft -fms-extensions -fno-rtti -std=c++11 -emit-llvm %s -o - -triple=i386-pc-win32 | FileCheck %s
template <typename T, int (T::*)() = nullptr>
struct J {};
template <typename T, int T::* = nullptr>
struct K {};
struct __single_inheritance M;
J<M> m;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?m@@3U?$J@UM@@$0A@@@A"
K<M> m2;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?m2@@3U?$K@UM@@$0?0@@A"
struct __multiple_inheritance N;
J<N> n;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?n@@3U?$J@UN@@$HA@@@A"
K<N> n2;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?n2@@3U?$K@UN@@$0?0@@A"
struct __virtual_inheritance O;
J<O> o;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?o@@3U?$J@UO@@$IA@A@@@A"
K<O> o2;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?o2@@3U?$K@UO@@$FA@?0@@A"
struct P;
J<P> p;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?p@@3U?$J@UP@@$JA@A@?0@@A"
K<P> p2;
// CHECK-DAG: @"\01?p2@@3U?$K@UP@@$GA@A@?0@@A"
#pragma pointers_to_members(full_generality, virtual_inheritance)
struct S {
int a, b;
void f();
virtual void g();
struct GeneralBase {
virtual void h();
struct MostGeneral : S, virtual GeneralBase {
virtual void h();
template <void (MostGeneral::*MP)()>
struct ClassTemplate {
ClassTemplate() {}
template struct ClassTemplate<&MostGeneral::h>;
// Test that we mangle in the vbptr offset, which is 12 here.
// CHECK: define weak_odr x86_thiscallcc %struct.ClassTemplate* @"\01??0?$ClassTemplate@$J??_9MostGeneral@@$BA@AEA@M@3@@QAE@XZ"