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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -fms-extensions -fblocks -emit-llvm %s -o - -triple=i386-pc-win32 | FileCheck %s
void f1(const char* a, const char* b) {}
// CHECK: "\01?f1@@YAXPBD0@Z"
void f2(const char* a, char* b) {}
// CHECK: "\01?f2@@YAXPBDPAD@Z"
void f3(int a, const char* b, const char* c) {}
// CHECK: "\01?f3@@YAXHPBD0@Z"
const char *f4(const char* a, const char* b) { return 0; }
// CHECK: "\01?f4@@YAPBDPBD0@Z"
void f5(char const* a, unsigned int b, char c, void const* d, char const* e, unsigned int f) {}
void f6(bool a, bool b) {}
// CHECK: "\01?f6@@YAX_N0@Z"
void f7(int a, int* b, int c, int* d, bool e, bool f, bool* g) {}
// CHECK: "\01?f7@@YAXHPAHH0_N1PA_N@Z"
// FIXME: tests for more than 10 types?
struct S {
void mbb(bool a, bool b) {}
void g1(struct S a) {}
// CHECK: "\01?g1@@YAXUS@@@Z"
void g2(struct S a, struct S b) {}
// CHECK: "\01?g2@@YAXUS@@0@Z"
void g3(struct S a, struct S b, struct S* c, struct S* d) {}
// CHECK: "\01?g3@@YAXUS@@0PAU1@1@Z"
void g4(const char* a, struct S* b, const char* c, struct S* d) {
// CHECK: "\01?g4@@YAXPBDPAUS@@01@Z"
b->mbb(false, false);
// CHECK: "\01?mbb@S@@QAEX_N0@Z"
// Make sure that different aliases of built-in types end up mangled as the
// built-ins.
typedef unsigned int uintptr_t;
typedef unsigned int size_t;
void *h(size_t a, uintptr_t b) { return 0; }
// CHECK: "\01?h@@YAPAXII@Z"
// Function pointers might be mangled in a complex way.
typedef void (*VoidFunc)();
typedef int* (*PInt3Func)(int* a, int* b);
void h1(const char* a, const char* b, VoidFunc c, VoidFunc d) {}
// CHECK: "\01?h1@@YAXPBD0P6AXXZ1@Z"
void h2(void (*f_ptr)(void *), void *arg) {}
// CHECK: "\01?h2@@YAXP6AXPAX@Z0@Z"
PInt3Func h3(PInt3Func x, PInt3Func y, int* z) { return 0; }
// CHECK: "\01?h3@@YAP6APAHPAH0@ZP6APAH00@Z10@Z"
namespace foo {
void foo() { }
// CHECK: "\01?foo@0@YAXXZ"