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// RUN: %clang_cc1 -emit-llvm -debug-info-kind=limited %s -o - | FileCheck %s
// Require the template function declaration refer to the correct filename.
// First, locate the function decl in metadata, and pluck out the file handle:
// CHECK: !DISubprogram(name: "extract_dwarf_data_from_header
// CHECK-SAME: file: [[FILE:![0-9]+]]
// Second: Require that filehandle refer to the correct filename:
// CHECK: [[FILE]] = !DIFile(filename: "decl_should_be_here.hpp"
typedef long unsigned int __darwin_size_t;
typedef __darwin_size_t size_t;
typedef unsigned char uint8_t;
typedef unsigned int uint32_t;
typedef unsigned long long uint64_t;
namespace std {
template<typename _Tp> class auto_ptr {
_Tp* _M_ptr;
typedef _Tp element_type;
auto_ptr(element_type* __p = 0) throw() : _M_ptr(__p) { }
element_type& operator*() const throw() { }
class Pointer32 {
typedef uint32_t ptr_t;
typedef uint32_t size_t;
class Pointer64 {
typedef uint64_t ptr_t;
typedef uint64_t size_t;
class BigEndian {};
class LittleEndian {};
template <typename _SIZE, typename _ENDIANNESS> class SizeAndEndianness {
typedef _SIZE SIZE;
typedef SizeAndEndianness<Pointer32, LittleEndian> ISA32Little;
typedef SizeAndEndianness<Pointer32, BigEndian> ISA32Big;
typedef SizeAndEndianness<Pointer64, LittleEndian> ISA64Little;
typedef SizeAndEndianness<Pointer64, BigEndian> ISA64Big;
template <typename SIZE> class TRange {
typename SIZE::ptr_t _location;
typename SIZE::size_t _length;
TRange(typename SIZE::ptr_t location, typename SIZE::size_t length) : _location(location), _length(length) { }
template <typename SIZE, typename T> class TRangeValue : public TRange<SIZE> {
T _value;
TRangeValue(typename SIZE::ptr_t location, typename SIZE::size_t length, T value) : TRange<SIZE>(location, length), _value(value) {};
template <typename SIZE> class TAddressRelocator {};
class CSCppSymbolOwner{};
class CSCppSymbolOwnerData{};
template <typename SIZE> class TRawSymbolOwnerData
TRangeValue< SIZE, uint8_t* > _TEXT_text_section;
const char* _dsym_path;
uint32_t _dylib_current_version;
uint32_t _dylib_compatibility_version;
TRawSymbolOwnerData() :
_TEXT_text_section(0, 0, __null), _dsym_path(__null), _dylib_current_version(0), _dylib_compatibility_version(0) {}
template <typename SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS> class TExtendedMachOHeader {};
# 16 "decl_should_be_here.hpp"
template <typename SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS> void extract_dwarf_data_from_header(TExtendedMachOHeader<SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS>& header,
TRawSymbolOwnerData<typename SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS::SIZE>& symbol_owner_data,
TAddressRelocator<typename SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS::SIZE>* address_relocator) {}
struct CSCppSymbolOwnerHashFunctor {
size_t operator()(const CSCppSymbolOwner& symbol_owner) const {
# 97 "wrong_place_for_decl.cpp"
template <typename SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS> CSCppSymbolOwnerData* create_symbol_owner_data_arch_specific(CSCppSymbolOwner* symbol_owner, const char* dsym_path) {
std::auto_ptr< TRawSymbolOwnerData<SIZE> > data(new TRawSymbolOwnerData<SIZE>());
std::auto_ptr< TExtendedMachOHeader<SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS> > header;
extract_dwarf_data_from_header(*header, *data, (TAddressRelocator<typename SIZE_AND_ENDIANNESS::SIZE>*)__null);
CSCppSymbolOwnerData* create_symbol_owner_data2(CSCppSymbolOwner* symbol_owner, const char* dsym_path) {
create_symbol_owner_data_arch_specific< ISA32Little >(symbol_owner, dsym_path);
create_symbol_owner_data_arch_specific< ISA32Big >(symbol_owner, dsym_path);
create_symbol_owner_data_arch_specific< ISA64Little >(symbol_owner, dsym_path);
create_symbol_owner_data_arch_specific< ISA64Big >(symbol_owner, dsym_path);