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// RUN: %clang_cc1 %s -verify -fsyntax-only -Wvector-conversion
typedef unsigned int v2u __attribute__ ((vector_size (8)));
typedef int v2s __attribute__ ((vector_size (8)));
typedef float v2f __attribute__ ((vector_size(8)));
void test1(v2u v2ua, v2s v2sa, v2f v2fa) {
// Bitwise binary operators
(void)(v2ua & v2ua);
(void)(v2fa & v2fa); // expected-error{{invalid operands to binary expression}}
// Unary operators
(void)(~v2fa); // expected-error{{invalid argument type 'v2f' (vector of 2 'float' values) to unary}}
// Comparison operators
v2ua = (v2ua==v2sa); // expected-warning{{incompatible vector types assigning to 'v2u' (vector of 2 'unsigned int' values) from 'int __attribute__((ext_vector_type(2)))' (vector of 2 'int' values)}}
v2sa = (v2ua==v2sa);
// Arrays
int array1[v2ua]; // expected-error{{size of array has non-integer type 'v2u' (vector of 2 'unsigned int' values)}}
int array2[17];
// FIXME: error message below needs type!
(void)(array2[v2ua]); // expected-error{{array subscript is not an integer}}
v2u *v2u_ptr = 0;
v2s *v2s_ptr;
v2s_ptr = v2u_ptr; // expected-warning{{converts between pointers to integer types with different sign}}