Tag build swift-2.2.1-SNAPSHOT-2016-04-23-a
[analyzer] Prefer accessor method in extension over category in CallEvent.

In ObjCMethodCall:getRuntimeDefinition(), if the method is an accessor in a
category, and it doesn't have a self declaration, first try to find the method
in a class extension. This works around a bug in Sema where multiple accessors
are synthesized for properties in class extensions that are redeclared in a
category. The implicit parameters are not filled in for the method on the
category, which causes a crash when trying to synthesize a getter for the
property in BodyFarm. The Sema bug is tracked as rdar://problem/25481164.


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(cherry picked from commit 9a9ef84ee01c50e33dd065bb549a030b79c61beb)

Resolved a conflict in test/Analysis/properties.m and pulled in an extra test.
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