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[Parser] Update CachedTokens while parsing ObjectiveC template argument list

Consider the following ObjC++ snippet:

@protocol PA;
@protocol PB;

@class NSArray<ObjectType>;
typedef int some_t;

id<PA> FA(NSArray<id<PB>> *h, some_t group);

This would hit an assertion in the parser after generating an annotation token
while trying to update the token cache:

Assertion failed: (CachedTokens[CachedLexPos-1].getLastLoc() == Tok.getAnnotationEndLoc() && "The annotation should be until the most recent cached token")
7 clang::Preprocessor::AnnotatePreviousCachedTokens(clang::Token const&) + 494
8 clang::Parser::TryAnnotateTypeOrScopeTokenAfterScopeSpec(bool, bool, clang::CXXScopeSpec&, bool) + 1163
9 clang::Parser::TryAnnotateTypeOrScopeToken(bool, bool) + 361
10 clang::Parser::isCXXDeclarationSpecifier(clang::Parser::TPResult, bool*) + 598

The cached preprocessor token in this case is:

greatergreater '>>' Loc=<testcase.mm:7:24>

while the annotation ("NSArray<id<PB>>") ends at "testcase.mm:7:25", hence the

Properly update the CachedTokens during template parsing to contain
two greater tokens instead of a greatergreater.

Differential Revision: http://reviews.llvm.org/D15173


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