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r312447 | hfinkel | 2017-09-03 10:18:25 -0700 (Sun, 03 Sep 2017) | 12 lines

[CodeGen] Treat all vector fields as mayalias

Because it is common to treat vector types as an array of their elements, or
even some other type that's not the element type, and thus index into them, we
can't use struct-path TBAA for these accesses. Even though we already treat all
vector types as equivalent to 'char', we were using field-offset information
for them with TBAA, and this renders undefined the intra-value indexing we
intend to allow. Note that, although 'char' is universally aliasing, with path
TBAA, we can still differentiate between access to s.a and s.b in
  struct { char a, b; } s;. We can't use this capability as-is for vector types.

Fixes PR33967.

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