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#pragma clang diagnostic ignored "-Wmissing-prototypes"
#include <metal_stdlib>
#include <simd/simd.h>
using namespace metal;
struct UBO
float4x4 uMVP;
float4 uFloatVec4;
float3 uFloatVec3;
float2 uFloatVec2;
float uFloat;
int4 uIntVec4;
int3 uIntVec3;
int2 uIntVec2;
int uInt;
struct main0_out
float4 vFloatVec4 [[user(locn0)]];
float3 vFloatVec3 [[user(locn1)]];
float2 vFloatVec2 [[user(locn2)]];
float vFloat [[user(locn3)]];
int4 vIntVec4 [[user(locn4)]];
int3 vIntVec3 [[user(locn5)]];
int2 vIntVec2 [[user(locn6)]];
int vInt [[user(locn7)]];
float4 gl_Position [[position]];
struct main0_in
float4 aVertex [[attribute(0)]];
// Implementation of the GLSL sign() function for integer types
template<typename T, typename E = typename enable_if<is_integral<T>::value>::type>
T sign(T x)
return select(select(select(x, T(0), x == T(0)), T(1), x > T(0)), T(-1), x < T(0));
vertex main0_out main0(main0_in in [[stage_in]], constant UBO& _21 [[buffer(0)]])
main0_out out = {};
out.gl_Position = _21.uMVP * in.aVertex;
out.vFloatVec4 = sign(_21.uFloatVec4);
out.vFloatVec3 = sign(_21.uFloatVec3);
out.vFloatVec2 = sign(_21.uFloatVec2);
out.vFloat = sign(_21.uFloat);
out.vIntVec4 = sign(_21.uIntVec4);
out.vIntVec3 = sign(_21.uIntVec3);
out.vIntVec2 = sign(_21.uIntVec2);
out.vInt = sign(_21.uInt);
return out;