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This file contains a log of most of the changes and evolutions of the meta-build
system for Simple DirectMedia Layer 2.0 and related projects.
Changes as of 09/18/2013:
-Enabled executable bits on the Mac OS X build-scripts command files.
-Replaced the Xcode directory structure with two folders for Xcode 3
and Xcode 4. It now looks like the VisualC folder, wherein there is
premake/Xcode/Xcode3 and premake/Xcode/Xcode4 default workspaces.
-Updated premake/Xcode/build-scripts/xcode3.command and the
xcode4.command files to properly generate the workspaces in the above
mentioned directories.
-Regenerated the Visual Studio projects to push the 'current working
directory' fix to the repository.
-Verified the projects are building and running properly across all platforms.
Changes as of 09/13/2013-09/14/2013:
-Analyzed structure and existing problems to be fixed in the system.
-Updated the OpenGL dependency to not include "C:\Windows\System32" since that
is implicitly included for any compiler building the project on Windows
-Removed the build.all.vs2012.bat script since it hasn't been working and
trying to get it to work or figure out why it doesn't is beyond the scope of
the project at this point.
-The above also applies to check.bin.compatibility.vs2010.bat.
-Updated typo in run.tests.bat to make testchessboard run properly (it was
looking for testdrawchessboard instead).
-Corrected OpenGL dependency to properly look for "libGL" instead of
"OpenGL32" on Linux.
-Updated OpenGL dependency to link to "libGL" instead of "OpenGL32" on Linux.
-Updated OpenGL dependency to properly notify the dependency system whether
OpenGL support has been found or not (it was always indicating OpenGL
support accidentally).
-Modified the vs2008/vs2010/vs2012 generation scripts to generate to specific
subfolders (ie, ./VS2008, etc.) so they can all be generated at once. Updated
the clean script appropriately. Originally, it was desired to generate
something more like SDL_VS2008.sln, etc., but premake has troubles correcting
interproject dependencies without renaming the binary files to similar names
(like SDL_main_VS2008.lib), which seemed much worse than just separating by
-Altered the working directories for the Visual Studio debugger to run from
the path of the binary for each test application, rather than from the
project directory. This allows the tests to utilize any locally copied
resource files from both inside and outside Visual Studio.
-Added execution bits to Linux build scripts.
-Clarified the second paragraph in README-windows.txt.
-Fixed typos in README.txt and added a plethora of code examples and
explanations to demonstrate how to add on to the current system.
-Regenerated default projects for MinGW, Linux, and Windows (this time serving
VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012).
Changes as of 08/30/2013:
-Updated README-windows.txt, README-macosx.txt, and README-mingw.txt.
-Created README-linux.txt, README-ios.txt, README-linux.txt.
-Modified premake4.lua to not generate any files if simply printing help text.
-Created the entire primary README.txt help file.
-Updated the automated test command file for OS X to randomly select a file
for testshape, just like the windows version. However, there is an issue
with it so that test is currently commented out.
-Updated all 4 OS X build scripts to automatically build all of the generated
test projects, rather than maintaining a list.
-Generated an initial Xcode 4 workspace for iOS.
-Generated an initial Xcode 4 workspace for Mac OS X.
-Updated a bug in the windows automated test batch file within the label for
handling the specially randomized arguments passed to an application, such as
for testshape (it was hardcoded for testshape, rather than using a variable
as intended).
-Fixed a typo in the windows automated test batch file wherein it was not able
to run the chess board application correctly.
-Updated the automated test bash script for Linux targets to run the new
chessboard test and to randomly pick an image to send to testshape. It runs
testresample and testatomic now, too.
Changes as of 08/28/2013 & 08/29/2013:
-Removed TODO.txt. It's no longer necessary; a lot of what was in it is no
longer relevant, completed, or replaced by something different and thus
implemented in some variety.
-Stopped the premake engine from executing the project definitions if simply
executing the help procedure, listing available options and acitons for the
target premake file.
-Modified the dependency function handling so that the function names are case
insensitive both for registering functions and checking or testing them.
-Created a function in sdl_projects.lua that can be used to retrieve all of
the known names of the dependencies registered with the system at that point.
-Implemented automated generation of options to forcibly enable certain
dependencies, even if they are explicitly defined to not work on a given
platform or if they simply cannot be found. This is useful, for instance, to
force on the DirectX dependency for MinGW if the user has successfully setup
the environment to work with it.
-Modified the behavior of the dependency functions to provide the libraries,
library paths, and include paths for platforms that don't support that
dependency, allowing the override command line options to properly work on
those platforms for those dependencies (again, the DirectX dependency on
MinGW comes to mind).
-Cleaned up premake4.lua.
-Removed hardcoded links in Linux from premake4.lua to its proper locations in
SDL2.lua and dependency functions.
-Renamed the 'reset_links' function in sdl_check_compile.lua to be
'reset_link_flags' since it fits the functionality better.
-Corrected a mistake in 'check_include_directory' in sdl_check_compile.lua
where it simply checked for files existing in a directory, rather than
specifically header files.
-Removed the 'projects' table declaration in premake4.lua, since its defined
in sdl_projects.lua anyway.
-Removed directive for copying the Info.plist file from the Xcode-iOS
directory for the testsprite2.lua project, since it makes no sense.
-Modified 'addConfig' in sdl_gen_config.lua to be extra cautious about
ensuring that keys and values in the supplied config table are, indeed,
strings as they need to be for concatenation.
-Added documentation for premake4.lua, sdl_check_compile.lua,
sdl_dependency_checkers.lua, sdl_depends.lua, sdl_file.lua,
sdl_gen_config.lua, sdl_string.lua, and sdl_projects.lua.
-Implemented file headers for every single project definition file.
-Significantly cleaned up the commenting in SDL2.lua and added a file header
-Added a print line in premake4.lua to indicate when the generation of the
premake Lua file begins.
-Added initial sample projects for VS2010, Linux make, and MinGW make.
Changes as of 08/27/2013:
-Updated the Linux premake executable based on all the patches applied to
premake thus far, as documented in the patches folder.
-Updated the Linux definition of SDL2.lua to have all of the subsequent source
files associated with each dependency to be within that dependency using the
SDL_paths directive.
-Implemented a function for modifying the search path for libraries during
the various compiler test functions in sdl_check_compile.lua.
-sdl_check_compile.lua: implemented a function for checking wether a library
exists using os.findlib, adding its directory to the library path, then
using check_library_exists to see if it can be linked to properly.
-sdl_check_compile.lua: implemented check_include_directory and
check_include_directories functions to see whether specified directories
exist and contains .h files. This could be modified later on for other types
of files that would exist in include directories (such as hpp, hxx, etc.).
-sdl_projects.lua: implemented a function that checks whether a dependency
exists and was found (the function must have been executed already). This is
used by many of the dependencies for Linux (specifically that most of its
dependencies depend on DLOpen for shared library binding).
-Modified the dependency order for Linux in SDL2.lua so that DLOpen is listed
first, as to help the dependency resolution process.
-Corrected the link order in sdl_check_compile.lua, fixing the
check_library_exists, check_library_exists_multiple, and
check_library_exists_lookup functions.
-Corrected the size definitions for SDL_config_linux.template.h so that it
will work cross-platform.
-Implemented better dependency support for the following Linux dependencies:
DLOpen, ALSA, PulseAudio, ESD, NAS, OSS, and X11. The dependency code is
based on CMake's definitions for those dependencies. The dependency function
for D-Bus is improved.
-Removed the commented code for the Windows SDK in the
sdl_dependency_checkers.lua file.
-Re-enabled the ifndef checks for the generate premake header file.
-Moved the clean action in premake4.lua to before the project definitions, so
that cleaning is immediate and doesn't have to wait on unnecessary dependency
-Renamed the macro defining whether to use the premake config header from
premake4.lua and include/SDL_config.h in the root source tree.
-Corrected a mistake in the OpenGL dependency function that would mishandle
forbidding desktop GL functionality on iOS.
-Corrected a bug that would properly setup MinGW targets to work with OpenGL,
but it would not link to WGL so there was no way for SDL to actually load the
OpenGL library and attach it to a window.
-Blocked support for OpenGL on Cygwin.
-Blocked support for testfilesystem on Cygwin due to lack of support, though
unix file system support is now enabled on Cygwin. The test accesses some
windows functions that do not link properly in the Cygwin environment.
Changes as of 08/26/2013:
-Implemented the testdrawchessboard test application.
-Disabled the path-searching functionality for the DirectX dependency so it
would be significantly sped up. It makes the assumption that DirectX is only
installed if its DXSDK_DIR variable is set. The code is still there if users
wish to implement the functionality again.
-Modified the clean action to remove the 'ipch' directory since it sometimes
shows up in various Visual Studio solution builds.
-Fixed a bug in the post-build copy step that wouldn't correctly create nested
directories during the copy stage in Visual Studio on Windows targets. This
reflects an earlier bug fix that would stop the non-nested files from being
copied correctly; both work now.
-Modified the testshape project to copy all of the shape images instead of the
sample image.
-Updated the automated test batch file on Windows to randomly pick one of the
intended shapes while running testshape. It also runs testshape three times,
to demonstrate both the randomness and adequate testing of testshape over
multiple shapes.
-Changed the resample test to copy the sample.wav.
-Updated the 'pass' label in the windows run.tests.bat file to accept a
variable-number of arguments to be passed to the executable.
-Re-enabeld the testresample test to try and resample sample.wav at 44.1Khz.
-Updated testoverlay to copy moose.dat, since it depends on it now.
-Updated testshader to properly depend on OpenGL and link to it, as well as
copy the file it needs (icon.bmp).
-Moved the dependency checker file over to the util directory.
-Updated premake4.lua to recursively execute all the files in the projects
folder, so they don't have to be hardcoded into premake4.lua and can be
organized in whichever way desired (so long as their internal paths are
-Implemented text-based file writing in the sdl_file.lua utility file, as to
prep for going around generating a lua file and loading the generated file
from memory, instead.
-Updated all of the current SDL dependency functions to properly check for
MinGW and Cygwin support.
-Fixed a few bugs in premake4.lua that would break Cygwin and MinGW support
due to improper checking.
-Fixed bugs that made it tricky to do wildcard copying on *nix systems (needed
by testshape). Tested to work on MinGW and Windows.
Changes as of 08/23/2013:
-Removed hardcoded definitions for the Linux config template.
-Moved definitions over to SDL2.lua.
-Added definition for enabling the file system module on Linux.
-Separated the OpenGL dependency into one for Windows (WGL) and Linux (GLX).
The core dependency is still there, but the windowing part is separate.
-Separated the library-based dependencies from the Linux implementation into
a series of dependency functions.
-Changed the dependency function to return a named table instead of variable
Changes as of 08/22/2013:
-Rearranged a few more things in the top 'dofile' section in premake4.lua.
-Reverted accidental changs to include/SDL_config.h which rendered it specific
to a single platform, per cmake generation. All building was broken due to
this accidental change, but it should be fixed after this commit.
-Merged repository with the latest version from live SDL repository.
-Implemented new file system source tree on Windows.
-Implemented file system test.
-Removed files accidentally committed from the Linux directory.
-Implemented tests for the file system test for windows and Mac OS X.
-Implemented cocoa file system support.
-Implemented cocoa filesystem support on iOS.
-Fixed a bug that was leading to the Xcode-iOS trying to build the
OpenGL renderer on iOS, which isn't supported.
Changes as of 08/21/2013:
-Changed names of generated files in check_compile.lua to more readable names,
within the format "premakecheck.*"
-Updated the check build function in check_compile.lua to support executing
the build and redirecting all output to "./premakecheck.stdout".
-Implemented a function for checking the size of a given type by generating a
program that prints it to the screen, then reads the result from a file and
converts it to an integer. This function is dependent on the existence of
stdio.h and the printf function.
-Tested the size function on Linux using various types.
-Clumped the "dofile" directives for all utility scripts together in
-Removed the *Mode variables for MinGW, Cygwin, and iOS. All checking for
these systems should be done using SDL_getos().
-Updated SDL_getos() to check the _OPTIONS table directly.
-From depends.lua, moved dirpathsearch and getenvpath to sdl_file.lua.
-Created a sdl_string.lua file to contain various string-related functions.
-From depends.lua, moved indexOf and explode to sdl_string.lua.
-From premake4.lua, moved implode to sdl_string.lua.
-Renamed depends.lua to sdl_depends.lua. Indicated that the file is
particularly for windows dependency testing.
-Rename check_compile.lua to sdl_check_compile.lua.
-Updated premake4.lua to reflect file changes and modified the order of doing
the util files, since their interdependencies have changed slightly.
-Added sdl_string.lua to the list of utility files done in the beginning of
-Updated header in every file to reflect that I did not create premake (old
wording was a bit vague).
-Added header to new files.
Changes as of 08/20/2013:
-Fixed logical mistakes in the check build sources function.
-Added a check_function_exists function.
-Whenever an include header or headers are checked, if they are found
and build properly then they will be added to an internal list that
will be prepended whenever doing future check_function_exists and
check_library_exists calls.
-Added a function which will check if a function exists in any of a set
of libraries, rather than just one.
-Added support for linking libraries for the check_library_exists
-Silenced building and linking commands.
-Incorporated check_compile.lua in premake4.lua.
-Tested the various functions with X11, DLOpen, and ALSA dependency
compatibility. some future tweaking may be necessary, but the
dependency checking happening in cmake should be reproducable using
these functions with some tweaking of the implementation itself.
Changes as of 08/16/2013:
-Updated Cygwin build to foster a very trimmed down version of the Linux
build, with no audio, video, haptic, joystick, or input support.
-Cygwin uses a shared library. Read SDL2.lua for more information.
-Slimmed and trimmed the cygwin config template to its bare minimum.
-Implemented the configurations needed for Cygwin in SDL2.lua.
-Updated many projects to be excluded if building on Cygwin, since many of
them are incompatible without the aforementioned support.
-Implemented a Cygwin directory and separate build-scripts, working similarly
to that of MinGW.
-Implemented a check_compile.lua utility file emulating a lot of the same
functions used in cmake to check for dependencies and various libraries.
These will be added to a Linux-specific dependency checker function later on,
allowing all the Linux dependencies to follow a similar routine to that of
autotools and cmake.
Changes as of 08/15/2013:
-Created a separate template configuration file for Cygwin.
-Created separate SDL2 project definitions for Cygwin, alongside Linux.
-Added various other side definitions for Cygwin support, though it is still
not building correctly due to some misunderstandings with library support.
-Patched premake to support custom source trees for Xcode projects to fix
issues finding the correct iOS frameworks in Xcode.
-Updated all Win32 premake executables containing the patch.
-Updated executables for Xcode and Xcode-iOS for above patch.
-Updated SDL2.lua for iOS to use the SDKROOT source tree for the frameworks,
as per the new patch.
-Successfully built and ran all the iOS demos.
Changes as of 08/14/2013:
-Fixed a mistake in the windows-side copy command that was changed yesterday;
without parentheses it was inhibiting the ability to copy the SDL2.dll file
to the built directories if the directories already existed; this has been
-Reintegrated MinGW support on Windows with a few slight changes to various
OS dependencies, since "MinGW" is now considered the target OS, versus
Windows. This involved changes in SDL2.lua, SDL2main.lua, testnative.lua.
-Reenabled both debug and release configurations.
-Separated post-build commands to being separate for debug and release.
-Setup temporary hardcoded linkoptions for MinGW on the release configuration.
-Verified both configurations build correctly for VS2010 and MinGW.
-Updated the premake executables for VS and MinGW to reflect the recent
-Updated premake executables for Xcode and Xcode-iOS to contain features
added from the latest patch.
-Verified working debug/release builds on Xcode, though the target
directories for the binaries clash, so they override each other. This
will be fixed in the future as the system starts to get cleaned up.
Changes as of 08/13/2013:
-Implemented special SDL_getos function which gets the current build
platform, taking into consideration Cygwin, iOS, and MinGW modes.
Although it's invalid to consider Cygwin and MinGW operating systems,
for all intensive purposes they are considered separate for the build
system. This may be renamed later on.
-Updated OS-compatibility functions for SDL projects to use the new
SDL_getos function, so they can be dependent on Cygwin, MinGW, iOS, etc.
-Removed the iOS dependency function and updated the iOS portion of the
SDL2 project to depend on iOS rather than Mac OS X.
-Changed the explode function in depends.lua to be part of the string
-Modified SDL_isos to accept patterns, such as "macosx|ios".
-Updated SDL2 and SDL2main to be compatible on Mac OS X and iOS
-Updated SDL_os to work with the patterns, as well, by merging the
functionalities of SDL_os and SDL_isos to a local function.
-Updated SDL_notos similarly.
-Updated SDL_os to work on projects as well as dependencies, and updated
premake4.lua to check for overall project compatibility.
-Implemented SDL_notos to inhibit compatibility for projects that simply
cannot work on specific platforms.
-Added exclusions for every single current test project to not be added
to the iOS solution, since none of them are designed to run on iOS.
-Removed hacked override for info.plist and properly implemented plist
inclusion for Xcode projects. Premake already supported this well.
-Changed a few references in premake4.lua of os.get to SDL_getos to
avoid some of the hardcoding that was going on in various places.
-Advanced the SDL_copy feature for project resources to being able to
copy files to more complicated destination paths, with scripted support
to create the destination directories if they do not yet exist during
post-build execution.
-Patched premake to allow BMPamd WAV files to be considered as assets
for Xcode projects.
-Updated the premake executables for Xcode and Xcode-iOS, respectively.
-Successfully ported, built, and ran all working Xcode-iOS demos using
project files generated by the meta-build system for those demos. There
are a few hiccups that need to be ironed out yet, but overall it's a
hopeful step forward to decent iOS support.
-Upgraded the clean action to also delete the demos folder for iOS.
-Unhardcoded a lot of the iOS stuff added in previous commits, which
included switching a lot more references to os.get() to SDL_getos()
in premake4.lua.
-Preliminarily fixed some potential bugs stemming from SDL_getos()
versus os.get().
-Moved hardcoded iOS links from premake4.lua to their correct location
in SDL2.lua.
-Reinstated correct platforms directives, versus hardcoded iOS, etc.
-Double checked Xcode projects still are generated, built, and run
-Updated the patches listing and files portion appropriately for the
aforementioned premake modification.
Changes as of 08/09/2013:
-More bruteforcing on trying to hack premake into generating a correct
iOS-compatible Xcode project.
-Added code to convert all ConsoleApps to WindowedApps in iOS mode
because ConsoleApps translate to 'tool' on Mac OS X and tools are
not supported on iOS.
-Forcefully implemented a list of links taken from the Demos SDL
iOS Xcode project for all generated SDL2 projects so they can
correctly link to the iOS system.
-Successfully built SDL2 and tests for iOS, though the test projects will
not run correctly on iOS due to not being built for iOS.
-Fixed a bug in the testgles project where it was not linking to SDL2test,
on which it was dependent.
Changes as of 08/08/2013:
-Implemented template header for iOS configurations.
-Successfully built SDL2 library for iOS on Xcode.
-Implemented configuration for iOS similar to that of Cygwin and MinGW.
-Implemented command-line option for selecting iOS mode on Mac OS X.
-Currently, iOS projects will have some issues regarding correct
project types, so building and running are a bit off yet for iOS.
-Added a new folder for iOS generation.
-Added scripts for iOS generation and such.
-Added exclusion for the OpenGL dependency checker for always failing
on iOS, since iOS uses OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0, not desktop GL.
-Fixed a bug in sdl_projects.lua that led to excluded dependency
function calls to give a false positive if they lead to invoking
the function rather than using a cached result.
Changes as of 08/07/2013:
-Created a fork for premake-stable to try and implement some of the necessary
changes in order to support many new features to the meta-build system.
-Created a directory for patches as part of the meta-build system. This may be
removed later on.
-Restored linking to MinGW32 in MinGW mode after temporarily removing it and
forgetting to restore it.
-Submitted a ticket and patch to premake for fixing the linker order that
prevented proper linking to SDL2main on the MinGW project.
-Created a manifest of patches made to premake needed for MinGW.
-Added a patch for adding iOS support on Xcode, though currently untested.
-Updated all Mac OS X, Windows, and MinGW binaries to reflect the above
Changes as of 08/06/2013:
-Corrected a mistake in the Linux template config header that was preventing
it from being built on Linux. It was using the same header guard as
SDL_config.h, rendering it completely blank during compile time.
-Added a dependency function for checking for D-Bus support on Linux.
-Implemented a summary implementation for the Linux project in SDL2.lua,
making use of the D-Bus dependency function.
-Added temporary global links in premake4.lua for all projects on Linux.
-Successfully built SDL2.lua on 64-bit Linux Mint 15.
-Updated the testnative test project to have a Linux dependency, binding to
-Implemented an X11 dependency function for testnative and related projects,
though only testnative currently uses it.
-Had to switch over to using a static library instead of a shared library on
Linux for now, because Linux requires the end executable to be aware of
where the shared library is, and we have no way currently to generate any
sort of install rule for the generated SDL2 makefile. Premake will have to
be patched to proceed on that route.
-Successfully built all test projects on 64-bit Linux Mint 15.
-Added a shell script to automatically run through the compatible tests in
Linux/build-scripts, similar to those of the other platforms.
-Successfully ran through many of the tests, though without OpenGL support.
-Added clean shell script for Linux targets.
Changes as of 08/05/2013:
-Implemented global flags for checking if the current premake system is
targeting MinGW or Cygwin.
-Corrected previous checks that were directly using _OPTIONS to using the
MinGWMode flag, instead.
-Corrected typos where I was misspelling 'targeted' as 'targetted'
-Moved the options declarations a bit earlier in premake4.lua.
-Corrected a mistake in the clean batch file for MinGW where it wasn't
actually cleaning in MinGW mode.
-Started working on a Cygwin implementation.
-Started working on a Linux implementation (using Linux Mint 15).
-Setup a basic SDL_config_linux.template.h based on a SDL_config.h production
on 64bit Linux Mint 15 using the configure script.
-Setup the Linux directory and a basic build script. The system completely
does not build at this point, it's simply a step in the right direction.
-Fixed a bug in the testnative project where it was trying to build the X11
implementation on Mac OS X instead of the cocoa implementation. The test
now builds and runs correctly on Mac OS X.
Changes as of 08/02/2013:
-Actually added a README file for MinGW.
-Changed all the README files to be named similar to those in the top level
-Updated the READMEs for more accurate and up-to-date information.
-Split this primary README.txt into three files: README.txt, TODO.txt, and
-Updated the depends.lua file to automatically fail on the windows dependency
search if the current OS is not windows and corrected a bug that would result
in an infinite loop if the main search path provided is empty but not nil.
-Implemented a utility function in depends.lua for joining together a series
of evaluated environmental variables, taking into consideration of they do
not exist. This function is cross-platform.
-Fixed a bug where the recently added code for surrounding paths with spaces
in quotes would lead to premake placing a "../" before the path. Besides the
convention of using double quotes is not universal, this bug existed both
with Visual Studio and MinGW gmakefiles. The code has been completely
removed, as it was found unnecessary.
-Modified DirectX dependency function to fail if targeting MinGW.
-After fully testing support for MinGW, I found there were a few differences
in execution between that and VS builds (without DirectX), one of which is
torturethread crashing on MinGW builds.
-Changed testshape.lua to copy sample.bmp and changed the run test scripts
to use the local sample.bmp as the shape for the window. This was just to
make the built environment independent of the top-level SDL directory.
-Changed the test run scripts to properly run the semaphore test.
-Edited the build scripts for Visual Studio to parallelize builds when
-Moved build scripts for VS and MinGW projects into respective build-scripts
folders, similar to the top level SDL directory. Tested all the tests for
builds using VS2008, VS2010, VS2012, and MinGW.
-Moved the build scripts for Xcode 3 and 4 to their own build-scripts folder.
-Updated the build scripts for Mac OS X to run the semaphore test.
-Tested the build environment and tests with Xcode 3 and 4 with architectures
i386 and x86_64.
Changes as of 08/01/2013:
-Implemented the SDL_notdepfunc function in sdl_projects.lua so dependencies
can depend on the absence of a dependency. For example, the haptic and
joystick systems have dummy systems that cannot be built alongside the Dinput
implementations, so they have to be added only in the absence of DirectX.
-Implement a dependency for handling the situation where DirectX is not found
on the windows platform.
-Tested SDL and its tests without DirectX support. Properly built SDL and ran
through the tests. Most of the tests ran great. There were a few tests that
did not work quite right, though.
-Began working on MinGW gmakefile support.
-Implemented custom option for specifying mingw mode (using --mingw); this is
used to ensure -lmingw32 is specified to gcc for proper linking with
-Had to change make_cpp.lua as part of premake in order to ensure the linker
flags were specified before input, so that I could properly ensure the order
of library linking. The premake in the VisualC folder is now customized.
-Changed all of the projects' dependency orders to be logically correct, since
gcc requires linking order to be exact.
-Successfully built the entire project using MinGW and a generated GNU
-Modified MinGW setup to statically link to libgcc so it can run independently
of the MinGW system.
-Successfully ran all tests with MinGW-built executables and library.
-Setup a directory, README, and generation script for MinGW builds.
-Updated clean action for makefiles.
-Implemented quoted libpath and incpaths incase they have spaces.
-DirectX and OpenGL currently not supported on MinGW due to build errors. This
will be fixed and should be supported soon.
Changes as of 07/31/2013:
-Implemented functions for checking whether the current system is 64bit
per-project specification. This is similar to SDL_isos. There is a
negated version implemented, too.
-Implemented native and universal build platforms for the Mac OS X
projects. This translates to x32 and x64 build targets within Xcode.
-Modified the SDL_defines function to add table values instead of replace.
-Corrected a mistake that was defining _WINDOWS on the Mac OS X project.
-Changed the dependency and custom links listing functions for sdl_projects
to prevent duplicates.
-Upgraded the premake4.lua handling of dependency lists and custom links
to support prevented duplicates.
-Reimplemented OpenGL support on Mac OS X.
-Separated frameworks on Mac OS X into proper SDL_dependency declarations
so they are no longer hardcoded.
-Upgraded project dependency system so that when a project is dependent
on a static library, it inherits all of the dependencies of that project
as well.
-Created build scripts for i386 and x86_64 for both Xcode 3 and Xcode 4.
-Tested all of the above (including with OpenGL and without OpenGL) on all
tests for Xcode 3 and 4, on architecture targets i386 and x86_64.
-Removed the old premake4 executable in Xcode.
Changes as of 07/30/2013:
-Began investigating different architectures for Windows, MacOSX, etc.
-Implemented functionality for specifying which platforms a project is
supported on, so as to start providing preliminary support for multiple
build platforms.
-Changed function declaration requirement for dependency functions.
-Changed the dependency function invocation to be table-based.
-Implemented features to cleanup using dependency functions for projects and
allowed possibility for multiple dependency functions on one project.
-Moved invocation of dependency functions from premake4.lua to
-Some nested statements have been cleaned up in premake4.lua due to changing
the dependency function calling location.
-Moved all dependency functions to a unified location for order-independent
referencing of them. Ie, this allows SDL2 and testgl2 to both reference the
OpenGL checker function.
-Ensured all dependencies are invoked exactly one time even if referenced
multiple times.
-Implemented opengl dependencies for SDL2 so that opengl support should now be
reenabled in the SDL project.
Changes as of 07/29/2013:
-Implemented scripts to automatically build all of the projects in the VS2010
and VS2012 solutions.
-Implemented scripts to automatically perform binary compatibility testing for
premake VS2010 and VS2012 libraries against the manual projects' test
-Tested binary compatibility for VS2010 and VS2012 solutions on Windows. The
usual lack of standard output is still ocurring. The testgl2 application
currently crashes on both, but that's because it's not linking to OpenGL
currently. The test shouldn't actually crash, but it reports no OpenGL
when it runs correctly. The other visual tests seem to run fine.
-Cleaned up this README a bit, adding the rest of the points discussed with
Changes as of 07/26/2013:
-Corrected a bug in SDL2.lua that didn't correctly define the compile-time
defines for Mac OS X.
-Added template configuration headers for minimal builds and Mac OS X
-Added template config selection based on current platform, defaulting to
minimal if on an unknown system
-Corrected bug in sdl_gen_config.lua to allow using templates that have no
area to paste generated tokens, thereby ignoring the tokens and just
copying the template right into the generated header
-Upgraded build.all.xcode4.command in the Xcode directory to give some
information regarding how many tests were attempted to be built, how
many passed, failed, and were skipped.
-Added support in the clean option to correctly remove the Xcode 4 workspace
file. It almost perfectly cleans Xcode projects now. It actually will only
miss folders if the user goes into those folders with Finder, otherwise it
cleans up properly right now.
-Added support build.all.xcode3.command for Xcode 3 projects, rather than
having to manually go into each project and build it individually.
Changes as of 07/25/2013:
-Moved file-based operations to a separate utility sdl_file.lua file
-Began the configuration generation system using sdl_gen_config.lua
-Created a config folder for *config.h templates and added the
SDL_config_windows.template.h file, omitting everything premake will add
-Fixed a bug where the base location would have a backslash on windows in the
final generated Lua file, where it wasn't supposed to
-Implemented clean option for the generated header file
-Modified SDL_config.h to include SDL_config_premake.h (generated) if the
preprocessor value 'USING_PREMAKE_HEADER_H' is defined, which the meta-build
system ensures it is
-Merged winmm dependency back into the windows dependency for SDL2.lua,
because the windows timer module depends on winmm, as well
-Partially tested configuration system via Visual Studio 2008; Mac OS X
projects will be broken until that side is upgraded
Changes as of 07/24/2013:
-Updated mac os x test file to include all the new tests
-Added script to automatically batch together all the scheme builds for
the tests, so they don't have to be manually built through Xcode
-Tested new tests and build environment on Xcode 4 successfully (weren't
tested on here yet)
-Began investigating implementing iOS Xcode projects using meta-build
-Began investigating implementing gmakefile generation support for
GNU/Linux, Cygwin, and MinGW.
Changes as of 07/23/2013:
-Latest changes tested on Xcode 3 and 4; test suites running as expected
-Implemented the entire test suite and tested it in Visual Studio on Windows;
incompatible tests will build and run, but they will fail if there are no
appropriate devices or settings for them to run correctly; this is correct
behavior. Tested most suites on VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012. Only testerror
Changes as of 07/22/2013:
-Cleaned up the mixture of forward/back slashes in the generated LUA file. The
only backslashes that exist are for copy commands, since they are copied as
text into the generated projects. The rest use forward slashes, since premake
actions handle per-system translation of directory paths.
-Implemented SDL_isos function for projects so that they can have some control
over certain functions where arguments or function calls changed with
different operating systems (such as SDL_kind for SDL2 project)
-Documented the new project functions. The documentation could be formatted a
bit better and the arguments could be explicitly formatted.
-Cleaned up SDL2.lua
-Implemented project-level files and paths directives for projects, so that
SDL_dependency isn't needed to specify files and file search paths for
-Applied the above changes to all the project files and named a few other
dependencies such as for SDL_main and testgl2. No projects should have
unnamed dependencies at this point.
-Tested the changes of the last few days on VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012. All
the test suites run as expected.
Changes as of 07/19/2013:
-Updated generation backend to be more concise and less like it was before;
this also fixed the duplicate dependency function calls bug
-Implemented config function for constants to set in a generated SDL config
-Preliminarily set the config values for the SDL2 project
-Updated generation code so that it won't generate empty projects, which stems
from projects in which all of its dependencies are not compatible with the
current system
-Updated windows automated tests batch file to work more like Xcode's shell
command file wherein it uses a labeled batch of commands as a sort of
procedure; it's cleaner now and it will work if some projects aren't there
(such as if they aren't supported on that platform)
-Separated the winmm portion of the SDL2 project from the windows portion, so
it has its own dependence now and uses a dependency check function that's
dependent on premake's os.findlib
Changes as of 07/18/2013:
-Converted all projects over to the new, simpler format and tested on VS2008,
VS2010, and VS2012
-Corrected a mistake in the SDL2main project that always built the main file
for windows, even on mac os x
-Added some more features to the new project definition system to support
project locations, custom defines, copy tables, and project dependencies
-Moved new project definition system to a separate lua file
-Fixed using 'copy' on windows for post-build commands and 'cp' on all
other systems
-Tested projects on Xcode 3; everything working correctly
-Modified SDL2main project to use the dummy main for macosx
-Changed the convenience scripts on macosx to .command files for the ability
to conveniently double-click-execute them like an application or windows batch
Changes as of 07/17/2013:
-Tested that the generated Xcode 3 projects correctly work as expected
-Implemented a new backend system for defining projects that majorly cleans
up the syntax and eases the process of defining projects; currently only
tested with VS2010 on Windows.
Changes as of 07/09/2013-07/10/2013:
-Fixed a bug that premake was causing where the mac project wouldn't execute
any of its post-build options because premake was incorrectly generating the
project in specific situations; the generated lua file now works around it
Changes as of 07/08/2013:
-Unified SDL2.lua a bit by pulling out the source commonalities (generic
interfaces and dummy implementations) and keeping the platform-specific
implementations separate
-Converted absolute paths to relative paths where appropriate, so now
the generated VS solutions (and possibly Xcode) should be more portable
-Modified premake script to support different base locations, so now the
Visual Studio project directory structure is built within the VisualC
directory, and similarly for Xcode (better organization and separation)
-Fixed a minor bug in the cleanup action for VS2008 and VS2012 solutions
Changes as of 07/05/2013:
-Setup proper dependencies for XCode and successfully built the library
-Ran test suites to ensure working Mac OSX binaries (64 bit, on Mac OS X 10.8
Mountain Lion)
-Redid the entire build environment to run out of a root premake folder,
instead of separate premake folders for VisualC and Xcode
-Setup convenient scripts for both Xcode and VisualC in the generic
premake folder
-Consolidated the premake scripts into a singular script for both targets
Changes as of 07/02/2013 & 07/03/2013:
-Finished implementing base setup for XCode
-Configured the premake projects for XCode (using a parallel directory tree
for now)
-Implemented base XCode project using premake, though it still doesn't link
Changes as of 06/30/2013 & 07/01/2013:
-Implemented release configurations for projects
-Began setting up environment for implementing the XCode projects
Changes as of 06/29/2013:
-Implemented copying intra-solution project dependencies shared libraries to
the binary folders of other projects (such as copying SDL2.dll to subsequent
directories of applications that depend on it).
-Fixed a bug in the testscale and testrendertarget project lua files: they
were copying sample.bmp for usage, but they depended on both icon.bmp and
-Added temporary batch script to simplify the process of running through all
the currently available tests on windows.
-Ensured binary compatibility for using SDL2.dll built with manual solutions
with test suite applications built with automatic premake solution. This was
tested successfully for VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012.
-Binary compatibility has been ensured to not currently work vice versa,
that is, using hand-rolled test suite applications with a generated-built
SDL2.dll shared library.
Changes as of 06/27/2013 & 06/28/2013:
-Added premake5-dev to the repository, though it's still called premake4.exe
and the main lua file is named similarly because it's still not officially
-Setup generated project to nearly exactly match the flags of the manual
project. Binary compatibility has been tested for SDL2.dll built with the
manual projects against the applications built with the generated project.
All seems to work so far. Only tested on VS2010. Much more testing to
happen later.
Changes as of 06/24/2013 & 06/25/2013:
-Implemented basic meta-meta building system, where premake4.lua now
generates a lua file and executes that to generate the project, allowing
forward compatibility for premake5
-Began working on binary compatibility verification by testing the test
executables built by the manual VS solution using the SDL2.dll built
from the premake solution. There are some issues, but nothing crashes
that didn't crash before.
Changes as of 06/21/2013:
-Fixed multiple linker problem by adding an exclusion filter for
src/thread/generic so that the duplicate objects wouldn't be doubly linked
-Above linker fix also fixed the execution of all VS2008 project builds. All
the projects run the same in terms of success or failure.
-Added rudimentary clean action to premake files
-Organized the project and build directory structures for the VS projects
similar to that of the manually-built VS projects (though they no longer run
out of the box, since SDL2.dll is now in a different directory; soon to be
Changes as of 06/20/2013:
-Implemented an optional copy table for projects that allow automatic copying
of each file in the copy table from the source directory to the destination
directory. These copy strings can actually be relative paths, as they will
be made absolute and normalized in the handler code (but not validated!)
-Implemented custom, per-project defines (needed for testgl2)
-Fixed many warnings from VS2008 project by making sure shared libraries
weren't being linked into shared library projects (such as SDLtest).
-Tested all builds on VS2008, VS2010, and VS2012. Everything works as expected
on the latter two.
Changes as of 06/19/2013:
-Implemented all of the currently supported projects in the hand-built
Visual Studio solution, which successful building
-Updated the dependency system to handle cross-linking of projects, such as
the testing suite applications being dependent on SDL2 and SDL2main (and
some even on SDL2test, which further emphasizes the capabilities)
-Organized the folder structure to be less cluttered than before: only
premake4.lua needs to exist at the root directory
-Hardcoded the build path for all the projects to ./bin/Debug
-Implemented support for adding input library links from dependency
resolutions (for opengl in testgl2 in this case)
Changes as of 06/18/2013:
-Implemented a dependency for handling complex building scenarios, though
it's only very simple right now
-Implemented utility depends.lua for handling dependency searching on windows
-Ported over hardcoded solution for SDL2 library to using dependency tree and
a separate lua file
-Implemented SDL2main static library, which involved more flexibility in the
existing system
-Built premake 4 binary and pasted it into secluded directory in SDL's build
folder for Visual Studio
-Created the initial premake script which recreated the SDL2.dll shared binary
library, as based on the manually-created SDL project