Fixed bug 3361 - Texture color modulation doesn't work with active NONE blend mode (opengl and opengles)

Simon Hug

The GL_SetBlendMode and GLES_SetBlendMode functions of the opengl and opengles renderers call the glTexEnvf to set the texture env mode to either GL_MODULATE (the default) or GL_REPLACE for the NONE blend mode. Using GL_REPLACE disables color and alpha modulation for textures.

These glTexEnv calls were put in the SetBlendMode function back in 2006 [1], but there the NONE code still used the GL_DECAL mode. The GL_REPLACE mode came in 2008 [2]. I'm a bit confused why that wasn't always GL_MODULATE and a bit surprised nobody reported that yet (unless I missed it). I guess only a few use the gles renderer and the newish shaders mask the issue.
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