ensure SDL_AUDIODEVICEREMOVED gets sent when hotplug removes a device

James Zipperer

The problem I was seeing was that the the ALSA hotplug thread would call SDL_RemoveAudioDevice, but my application code was not seeing an SDL_AUDIODEVICEREMOVED event to go along with it.   To fix it, I added some code into SDL_RemoveAudioDevice to call SDL_OpenedAudioDeviceDisconnected on the corresponding open audio device.  There didn't appear to be a way to cross reference the handle that SDL_RemoveAudioDevice gets and the SDL_AudioDevice pointer that SDL_OpenedAudioDeviceDisconnected needs, so I ended up adding a void *handle field to struct SDL_AudioDevice so that I could do the cross reference.

Is there some other way beside adding a void *handle field to the struct to get the proper information for SDL_OpenedAudioDeviceDisconnected?
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