Fixed bug 3157 - Rudimentary touchscreen support in SDL_evdev (supports Raspberry Pi)


I've spent the last few days implementing touchscreen support in core/linux/SDL_evdev.c. It's fairly rudimentary at the moment, as can be seen from the multiple TODO's and FIXME's littered throughout, but I'm mainly submitting this patch for review. I've tested this patch on my Raspberry Pi 2 with the official touchscreen and it works fantastically, reporting all 10 multitouch points. I'm happy to work on this further, the evdev logic also needs a bit of a cleanup I think (I may have included a few changes). But if it's good enough in its current state to be committed then I'm sure there'd be plenty of people pleased, as currently the only other framework/library that supports touchscreens on the Raspberry Pi is Kivy.
4 files changed