Add gamecontrollerdb lines for SFC30 controller in various modes

SFC30 controller:

The SFC30 controller can present itself in a variety of modes and it offers up
different names in each. This patch captures data for three modes (one USB and
two Bluetooth) on three platforms (Mac OS X, Windows, Linux).

However, USB mode on Linux and Windows is missing as the button events did not
make it through to SDL's controllermap tool on Fedora 24/Linux 4.5.5 nor Steam
Big Picture mode on Windows. The two Bluetooth modes were indistinguishable on
Windows. Two modes on OS X were indistinguishable.

There exists a similar controller called the SNES30 (And some others) that are
very likely identical except for the name, but I have not verified this yet so
haven't synthesized lines for those controllers until I can.
1 file changed