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2009-09-22 Chris Buccella <>
* backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.h:
Fixed 2849853: getClass reports most property types as CMPI_Instance
(patch by Klaus Kampf)
2009-09-02 Michael Chase-Salerno <>
* backend/cimxml/client.c
Fixed 2847782: sfcc getClass crashes if cimom isn't running
(patch by Klaus Kämpf)
2009-08-19 Chris Buccella <>
* backend/cimxml/grammar.c:
Fixed 2691478: sfcc 2.1.0 cannot handle OutParams on Extrinsic
Method Call
(patch by Rajib Saha)
2009-02-13 Chris Buccella <>
* TEST/v2test_ei.c:
Fixed 2596921: v2test_ei test fails when using CIMXML interface
2008-12-16 Michael Chase-Salerno <>
* cimc/cimclient.c:
Fixed 2431835: XML client library not found.
2008-11-12 Chris Buccella <>
* TEST/*.c, backend/cimxml/indicationlistener.c:
Fixed 2270179: Missing includes and values in return statements
(patch by Pavol Rusnak)
2008-10-27 Michael Chase-Salerno <>
Updated 2158091: sfcb modules belong in private dir
use $libdir for default
2008-10-23 Michael Chase-Salerno <>
* cimc/cimcclient.c
Fixed 2158091: sfcb modules belong in private dir
2008-09-06 Sean Swehla <>
* TEST/v2_testein.c
Fixed 2102345: missing configuration of CIM-HOST-PORT in sblim-sfcc
(patch by Pavol Rusnak)
2008-09-06 Sean Swehla <>
* TEST/print-types.c, backend/cimxml/constClass.c,
backend/cimxml/indicationlistener.c, backend/cimxml/instance.c
Fixed 2102339: Missing ret values in sblim-sfcc
(patch by Pavol Rusnak)
2008-06-16 Michael Chase-Salerno <>
* frontend/sfcc/sfcclient.c
Better handling of NULL values for slp.
2008-05-16 Michael Chase-Salerno <>
* cimc/cimcclient.c
Check for valid connection type and return rc=3 and a message
if incorrect.
* TEST/v2test_gc.c
Test valid handling of above, and check rc on existing tests
2008-05-01 Chris Buccella <>
* backend/cimxml/client.c, backend/cimxml/property.c,
backend/cimxml/qualifier.c, backend/cimxml/string.c:
Made changes to quiet some gcc warnings
Additions needed for large volume support feature
Additions needed for new test_ programs
Bumped version number to 2.1.0
2008-04-23 Chris Buccella <>
* backend/cimxml/client.c:
Fixed 1940546: Memory corruption in AsciiToXmlStr()
(patch by Shashi Uli)
2008-04-22 Gary Readler <>
* README TEST/ TEST/v2test_ec.c TEST/v2test_ecn.c
TEST/v2test_ei.c TEST/v2test_ein.c TEST/v2test_gc.c
updated README and added some v2 interface testcases
2008-02-05 Sven Schuetz <>
*,, backend/cimxml/cimXmlResp.y:
Fixed 1887125: cleanup due to new parser
2008-01-16 Sven Schuetz <>
*,, backend/cimxml/grammar.c,
backend/cimxml/client.c, backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.c,
backend/cimxml/nativeCimXml.h, backend/cimxml/indicationlistener.c:
Implemented 1828588: Indication support (CIMXML)
2008-01-09 Sven Schuetz <>
* backend/cimxml/parserUtil.c, backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.c,
backend/cimxml/value.c, backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.h,
backend/cimxml/grammar.c, backend/cimxml/grammar.h:
Implemented 1867649: embedded instance support
2008-01-09 Sven Schuetz <>
* backend/cimxml/cimXmlResp.y, backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.h,
backend/cimxml/client.c, backend/cimxml/value.c,
backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.c,, backend/cimxml/grammar.h,
backend/cimxml/parserUtil.h, backend/cimxml/parserUtil.c,
Implemented 1854813: new parser
2008-01-02 Sven Schuetz <>
* backend/cimxml/cimXmlResp.y:
Fixed 1793132: sfcc reports incorrect namespace for associators operation
2007-10-31 Sven Schuetz <>
* cimc/cimcdt.h, cimc/cimcft.h, cimc/cimc.h:
Implemented 1820015: prepare for indication support
2007-10-12 Sven Schuetz <>
* backend/cimxml/client.c:
Fixed 1810017: sfcc generates incorrect XML for complex properties
2007-09-27 Chris Buccella <>
* TEST/test.c:
invokeMethod test now works correctly
2007-06-20 Sven Schuetz <>
* backend/cimxml/cimXmlParser.c, backend/cimxml/cimXmlResp.y:
Fixed 1777906 issue with the SFCC xml parsing code
2007-07-04 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* backend/cimxml/client.c:
Fixed 1745279: sfcc does not support complex array types as IN args.
Datatypes CMPI_refA and CMPI_instanceA were not handled properly.
2007-06-26 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* backend/cimxml/objectpath.c:
Fixed 1743362: segfault on 64-bit systems
2007-06-20 Sven Schuetz <>
* property.c:
Fixed 1737254: sfcc can segfault when setting null values
2007-06-20 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* backend/cimxml/client.c:
Fixed 1740368: memory can be corrupted when long string properties are
being set, due to static buffer usage.
2007-05-31 Adrian Schuur
* cimXmlResp.y:
Fixed 1726113: Parser not clearing qualifier cache
2007-05-24 Adrian Schuur
* objectpath.c:
Fixed 1722381 sfcc fails on getInstance for associations
2007-03-15 Viktor Mihajlovski <mihajlov@localhost.localdomain>
* frontend/sfcc/sfcclient.c:
Fixed 1681555: sfcc backend selection via "scheme" parameter
* cimc/cimcft.h, TEST/test_gc.c, TEST/test_qualifiers.c:
Fixed 1681487: sfcc cimc constclass definition incompatible with cmci
constclass definition, adjusted function table.
* frontend/sfcc/sfcclient.c:
Fixed 1681489: sfcc connection release function restore leads to
2007-03-07 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* backend/cimxml/instance.c, backend/cimxml/objectpath.c,
backend/cimxml/property.c, backend/cimxml/qualifier.c:
Fixed 1675554: case sensitive comparisons
* TEST/show.c, TEST/test_ecn_ssl.c, TEST/test_gc.c:
Updated test programs, partially related to 1675554.
2007-02-28 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* frontend/sfcc/sfcclient.c:
Fixed 1670019: connection failures on second parallel connection
Uninitialized variables and a deadlock situation didn't allow
to run more than on connection at a given point in time.
2007-02-27 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
Feature 1663663: add specfile for RPM builds.
2007-02-07 Viktor Mihajlovski <mihajlov@localhost.localdomain>
Feature 1654428: remove libsfcUtil from sfcc
2007-01-18 Sven Schuetz
* array.c, cimXmlParser.c, client.c, value.c, cimXmlParser.h
Fixed 1637057: Arrays not yet supported as function arguments
2007-01-18 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* cimXmlResp.y:
Fixed 1636714: removed incorrect rquirement for RETURNVALUE tag
in method responses.
2006-12-06 Viktor Mihajlovski <mihajlov@localhost.localdomain>
* sfcUtil/hashtable.c, sfcUtil/libsfcUtil.Versions:
Fixed 1610514: aligned sfcc/sfcb libsfcUtil.
2006-11-28 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* cimXmlParser.c, cimXmlResp.y, client.c:
Fixed 1604433: memory leaks for instance array properties and out
2006-11-14 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* client.c:
Fixed 1596171: don't report timeout after system clock changes.
2006-09-12 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* client.c,
Conditionalized generation of "TE: Trailer" header in support of
older curl versions.
2006-09-06 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* client.c:
Removed the inline qualifier for callback functions (again).
* cimXmlResp:
Remove shift/reduce conflict.
2006-09-05 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* client.c:
Fixed a double memory release error, occuring when a CIMStatus trailer
is sent back by the server.
2006-08-22 dhowell1
* cimXmlParser.c, cimXmlParser.h, cimXmlResp.y, client.c, cmcimacs.h,
datetime.c, enumeration.c, instance.c,, objectpath.c,
* libcmpisfcc.Versions, libsfcUtil.Versions, libcimcClient.Versions
Merged Intel changes with 08/17/06 CVS tip.
2006-07-17 sschuetz
* hashtable.c, utilFactory.c, utilHashtable.c, utilStringbuffer.c:
Moved to sfcUtil, build as shared library now
2006-07-06 sschuetz
* constclass.c:
Bug 1518169: Fixed memory leak in constclass.c
2006-06-28 sschuetz
* client.c:
Bug 1513362: Added setting of status code in function cmciConnect2,
checking for NULL in CMSetStatus macros
2006-06-27 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* cimXmlResp.y:
Bug 1513278: Segfault in property qualifier processing.
Fixed erroneous action in the array property production.
Added missing setClassQualifiers function.
Removed a few shift/reduce conflicts.
* client.c:
Removed the inline qualifier for callback functions.
* TEST/, TEST/test_qualifiers2.c:
Added test code for class qualifiers.
2006-02-28 Viktor Mihajlovski <>
* client.c:
Bug 1439103: Added code to evaluate trailer headers for chunked transfers
2005-11-20 bestorga-oss
* COPYING, args.c, array.c, cimXmlParser.c, cimXmlParser.h,
cimXmlResp.y, client.c, cmci.h, cmcidt.h, cmcift.h, cmcimacs.h,
constClass.c, datetime.c, enumeration.c, genericlist.c,
genericlist.h, instance.c, native.h, objectpath.c, property.c,
qualifier.c, string.c, utilList.h, utilStringBuffer.c,
utilStringBuffer.h, value.c, TEST/show.c, TEST/test.c,
TEST/test_an.c, TEST/test_an_2.c, TEST/test_as.c, TEST/test_as_2.c,
TEST/test_ci.c, TEST/test_di.c, TEST/test_ec.c, TEST/test_ecn.c,
TEST/test_ecn_ssl.c, TEST/test_ei.c, TEST/test_ein.c,
TEST/test_gc.c, TEST/test_gi.c, TEST/test_gp.c, TEST/test_im.c,
TEST/test_leak.c, TEST/test_objectpath.cpp, TEST/test_qualifiers.c,
TEST/test_rf.c, TEST/test_rfn.c, TEST/test_si.c, TEST/test_sp.c,
Bugs: 1362805. changed all license references to Eclipse Public
2005-10-11 mihajlov
* client.c, cmci.h, TEST/, TEST/test_ecn_ssl.c,
Bugs: 1315810. Added support for client
2005-10-01 a3schuur
* cimXmlParser.c: Inproving user time performance by about 30% as
measured with time command.