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.TH 3 2005-06-09 "sfcc" "SFCBroker Client Library"
CMCIClientFT.createInstance() \- Create class instance
.B #include <cmci.h>
.BI CMPIObjectPath *
.BI CMCIClientFT.createInstance (CMCIClient* cl,
.BI CMPIObjectPath* op,
.BI CMPIInstance* inst,
.BI CMPIStatus* rc);
Create class instance using \fIop\fP as reference.
Arguments are the client object pointer \fIcl\fP, ObjectPath object
pointer \fIop\fP that contains namespace and classname components,
\fIinst\fP is a complete instance object pointer, and \fIrc\fP the
CMPI operation status (suppressed when NULL).
When successful the \fBCMCIClientFT.createInstance()\fP function returns
a pointer to a CMPIObjectPath object with the new instance reference and
sets a successful status code for \fIrc\fR.
When unsuccessful it returns NULL and sets the \fIrc\fP argument with the
error code and and corresponding error string.
Common Manageability Programming Interface (CMPI) - OpenGroup,
CMCIClient(3), CMPIObjectPath(3), CMPIInstance(3), CMPIStatus(3)