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//! The Rust parser and macro expander.
//! # Note
//! This API is completely unstable and subject to change.
#![doc(html_root_url = "", test(attr(deny(warnings))))]
#![cfg_attr(bootstrap, feature(const_if_match))]
#![feature(const_fn)] // For the `transmute` in `P::new`
#![cfg_attr(not(bootstrap), feature(const_fn_transmute))]
#![recursion_limit = "256"]
// FIXME(#56935): Work around ICEs during cross-compilation.
extern crate rustc_macros;
macro_rules! unwrap_or {
($opt:expr, $default:expr) => {
match $opt {
Some(x) => x,
None => $default,
pub mod util {
pub mod classify;
pub mod comments;
pub mod lev_distance;
pub mod literal;
pub mod parser;
pub mod ast;
pub mod attr;
pub use attr::{with_default_session_globals, with_session_globals, SESSION_GLOBALS};
pub mod crate_disambiguator;
pub mod entry;
pub mod expand;
pub mod mut_visit;
pub mod node_id;
pub mod ptr;
pub mod token;
pub mod tokenstream;
pub mod visit;
use rustc_data_structures::stable_hasher::{HashStable, StableHasher};
/// Requirements for a `StableHashingContext` to be used in this crate.
/// This is a hack to allow using the `HashStable_Generic` derive macro
/// instead of implementing everything in librustc_middle.
pub trait HashStableContext: rustc_span::HashStableContext {
fn hash_attr(&mut self, _: &ast::Attribute, hasher: &mut StableHasher);
impl<AstCtx: crate::HashStableContext> HashStable<AstCtx> for ast::Attribute {
fn hash_stable(&self, hcx: &mut AstCtx, hasher: &mut StableHasher) {
hcx.hash_attr(self, hasher)