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# This file provides the function `commit_toolstate_change` for pushing a change
# to the `rust-toolstate` repository.
# The function relies on a GitHub bot user, which should have a Personal access
# token defined in the environment variable $TOOLSTATE_REPO_ACCESS_TOKEN. If for
# some reason you need to change the token, please update the Azure Pipelines
# variable group.
# 1. Generate a new Personal access token:
# * Login to the bot account, and go to Settings -> Developer settings ->
# Personal access tokens
# * Click "Generate new token"
# * Enable the "public_repo" permission, then click "Generate token"
# * Copy the generated token (should be a 40-digit hexadecimal number).
# Save it somewhere secure, as the token would be gone once you leave
# the page.
# 2. Update the variable group in Azure Pipelines
# * Ping a member of the infrastructure team to do this.
# 4. Replace the email address below if the bot account identity is changed
# * See <>
# if a private email by GitHub is wanted.
commit_toolstate_change() {
set -eu
git config --global ''
git config --global 'Rust Toolstate Update'
git config --global credential.helper store
> "$HOME/.git-credentials"
git clone --depth=1 $TOOLSTATE_REPO
cd rust-toolstate
for RETRY_COUNT in 1 2 3 4 5; do
# Call the callback.
# - If we are in the `auto` branch (pre-landing), this is called from `` and
# the callback is `change_toolstate` in that file. The purpose of this is to publish the
# test results (the new commit-to-toolstate mapping) in the toolstate repo.
# - If we are in the `master` branch (post-landing), this is called by the CI pipeline
# and the callback is `src/tools/`. The purpose is to publish
# the new "current" toolstate in the toolstate repo.
# `git commit` failing means nothing to commit.
git commit -a -F "$MESSAGE_FILE" || break
# On failure randomly sleep for 0 to 3 seconds as a crude way to introduce jittering.
git push origin master && break || sleep $(LC_ALL=C tr -cd 0-3 < /dev/urandom | head -c 1)
git fetch origin master
git reset --hard origin/master
cd ..
set +eu
set "-$OLDFLAGS"
return $FAILURE