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#![doc(html_root_url = "")]
#![cfg_attr(feature = "cargo-clippy", allow(large_enum_variant))]
#[cfg(feature = "printing")]
extern crate quote;
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
extern crate unicode_xid;
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
extern crate synom;
#[cfg(feature = "aster")]
pub mod aster;
mod attr;
pub use attr::{Attribute, AttrStyle, MetaItem, NestedMetaItem};
mod constant;
pub use constant::ConstExpr;
mod data;
pub use data::{Field, Variant, VariantData, Visibility};
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
mod escape;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
mod expr;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub use expr::{Arm, BindingMode, Block, CaptureBy, Expr, ExprKind, FieldPat, FieldValue, Local,
MacStmtStyle, Pat, RangeLimits, Stmt};
mod generics;
pub use generics::{Generics, Lifetime, LifetimeDef, TraitBoundModifier, TyParam, TyParamBound,
WhereBoundPredicate, WhereClause, WhereEqPredicate, WherePredicate,
#[cfg(feature = "printing")]
pub use generics::{ImplGenerics, Turbofish, TyGenerics};
mod ident;
pub use ident::Ident;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
mod item;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub use item::{Constness, Defaultness, FnArg, FnDecl, ForeignItemKind, ForeignItem, ForeignMod,
ImplItem, ImplItemKind, ImplPolarity, Item, ItemKind, MethodSig, PathListItem,
TraitItem, TraitItemKind, ViewPath};
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
mod krate;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub use krate::Crate;
mod lit;
pub use lit::{FloatTy, IntTy, Lit, StrStyle};
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
pub use lit::{ByteStrLit, FloatLit, IntLit, StrLit};
mod mac;
pub use mac::{BinOpToken, DelimToken, Delimited, Mac, Token, TokenTree};
mod derive;
pub use derive::{Body, DeriveInput};
// Deprecated. Use `DeriveInput` instead.
pub type MacroInput = DeriveInput;
mod op;
pub use op::{BinOp, UnOp};
mod ty;
pub use ty::{Abi, AngleBracketedParameterData, BareFnArg, BareFnTy, FunctionRetTy, MutTy,
Mutability, ParenthesizedParameterData, Path, PathParameters, PathSegment,
PolyTraitRef, QSelf, Ty, TypeBinding, Unsafety};
#[cfg(feature = "visit")]
pub mod visit;
#[cfg(feature = "fold")]
pub mod fold;
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
pub use parsing::*;
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
mod parsing {
use super::*;
use {derive, generics, ident, mac, ty, attr};
use synom::{space, IResult};
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
use {expr, item, krate};
pub fn parse_derive_input(input: &str) -> Result<DeriveInput, String> {
unwrap("derive input", derive::parsing::derive_input, input)
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub fn parse_crate(input: &str) -> Result<Crate, String> {
unwrap("crate", krate::parsing::krate, input)
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub fn parse_item(input: &str) -> Result<Item, String> {
unwrap("item", item::parsing::item, input)
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub fn parse_items(input: &str) -> Result<Vec<Item>, String> {
unwrap("items", item::parsing::items, input)
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub fn parse_expr(input: &str) -> Result<Expr, String> {
unwrap("expression", expr::parsing::expr, input)
pub fn parse_type(input: &str) -> Result<Ty, String> {
unwrap("type", ty::parsing::ty, input)
pub fn parse_path(input: &str) -> Result<Path, String> {
unwrap("path", ty::parsing::path, input)
pub fn parse_where_clause(input: &str) -> Result<WhereClause, String> {
unwrap("where clause", generics::parsing::where_clause, input)
pub fn parse_token_trees(input: &str) -> Result<Vec<TokenTree>, String> {
unwrap("token trees", mac::parsing::token_trees, input)
pub fn parse_ident(input: &str) -> Result<Ident, String> {
unwrap("identifier", ident::parsing::ident, input)
pub fn parse_ty_param_bound(input: &str) -> Result<TyParamBound, String> {
unwrap("type parameter bound",
pub fn parse_outer_attr(input: &str) -> Result<Attribute, String> {
unwrap("outer attribute", attr::parsing::outer_attr, input)
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub fn parse_inner_attr(input: &str) -> Result<Attribute, String> {
unwrap("inner attribute", attr::parsing::inner_attr, input)
// Deprecated. Use `parse_derive_input` instead.
pub fn parse_macro_input(input: &str) -> Result<MacroInput, String> {
fn unwrap<T>(name: &'static str,
f: fn(&str) -> IResult<&str, T>,
input: &str)
-> Result<T, String> {
match f(input) {
IResult::Done(mut rest, t) => {
rest = space::skip_whitespace(rest);
if rest.is_empty() {
} else if rest.len() == input.len() {
// parsed nothing
Err(format!("failed to parse {}: {:?}", name, rest))
} else {
Err(format!("unparsed tokens after {}: {:?}", name, rest))
IResult::Error => Err(format!("failed to parse {}: {:?}", name, input)),
#[cfg(feature = "parsing")]
pub mod parse {
//! This module contains a set of exported nom parsers which can be used to
//! parse custom grammars when used alongside the `synom` crate.
//! Internally, `syn` uses a fork of `nom` called `synom` which resolves a
//! persistent pitfall of using `nom` to parse Rust by eliminating the
//! `IResult::Incomplete` variant. The `synom` crate should be used instead
//! of `nom` when working with the parsers in this module.
pub use synom::IResult;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub use item::parsing::item;
#[cfg(feature = "full")]
pub use expr::parsing::{expr, pat, block, stmt};
pub use lit::parsing::{lit, string, byte_string, byte, character, float, int, boolean};
pub use ty::parsing::{ty, path};
pub use mac::parsing::token_tree as tt;
pub use ident::parsing::ident;
pub use generics::parsing::lifetime;