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# Builds documentation for all target triples that we have a registered URL for
# in liblibc. This scrapes the list of triples to document from `src/`
# which has a bunch of `html_root_url` directives we pick up.
set -e
TARGETS=`grep html_root_url src/ | sed 's/.*".*\/\(.*\)"/\1/'`
rm -rf target/doc
mkdir -p target/doc
cp ci/landing-page-head.html target/doc/index.html
for target in $TARGETS; do
echo documenting $target
rustdoc -o target/doc/$target --target $target src/ --cfg dox \
--crate-name libc
echo "<li><a href="/libc/$target/libc/index.html">$target</a></li>" \
>> target/doc/index.html
cat ci/landing-page-footer.html >> target/doc/index.html
# If we're on travis, not a PR, and on the right branch, publish!
if [ "$TRAVIS_PULL_REQUEST" = "false" ] && [ "$TRAVIS_BRANCH" = "master" ]; then
pip install ghp_import --install-option="--prefix=$HOME/.local"
$HOME/.local/bin/ghp-import -n target/doc
git push -qf https://${GH_TOKEN}${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG}.git gh-pages