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#[allow(unused_imports, dead_code)]
mod test {
use std::str;
use std::io::{Cursor, Write};
use regex::Regex;
use clap::{App, Arg, SubCommand, ArgGroup};
fn compare<S, S2>(l: S, r: S2) -> bool
where S: AsRef<str>,
S2: AsRef<str>
let re = Regex::new("\x1b[^m]*m").unwrap();
// Strip out any mismatching \r character on windows that might sneak in on either side
let ls = l.as_ref().trim().replace("\r", "");
let rs = r.as_ref().trim().replace("\r", "");
let left = re.replace_all(&*ls, "");
let right = re.replace_all(&*rs, "");
let b = left == right;
if !b {
println!("--> left");
println!("{}", left);
println!("--> right");
println!("{}", right);
pub fn compare_output(l: App, args: &str, right: &str, stderr: bool) -> bool {
let mut buf = Cursor::new(Vec::with_capacity(50));
let res = l.get_matches_from_safe(args.split(' ').collect::<Vec<_>>());
let err = res.unwrap_err();
err.write_to(&mut buf).unwrap();
let content = buf.into_inner();
let left = String::from_utf8(content).unwrap();
assert_eq!(stderr, err.use_stderr());
compare(left, right)
// Legacy tests from the pyhton script days
pub fn complex_app() -> App<'static, 'static> {
let args = "-o --option=[opt]... 'tests options'
[positional] 'tests positionals'";
let opt3_vals = ["fast", "slow"];
let pos3_vals = ["vi", "emacs"];
.about("tests clap library")
.author("Kevin K. <>")
.arg(Arg::from_usage("-f --flag... 'tests flags'")
Arg::from_usage("[flag2] -F 'tests flags with exclusions'").conflicts_with("flag").requires("long-option-2"),
Arg::from_usage("--long-option-2 [option2] 'tests long options with exclusions'").conflicts_with("option").requires("positional2"),
Arg::from_usage("[positional2] 'tests positionals with exclusions'"),
Arg::from_usage("-O --Option [option3] 'specific vals'").possible_values(&opt3_vals),
Arg::from_usage("[positional3]... 'tests specific values'").possible_values(&pos3_vals),
Arg::from_usage("--multvals [one] [two] 'Tests mutliple values, not mult occs'"),
Arg::from_usage("--multvalsmo... [one] [two] 'Tests mutliple values, and mult occs'"),
Arg::from_usage("--minvals2 [minvals]... 'Tests 2 min vals'").min_values(2),
Arg::from_usage("--maxvals3 [maxvals]... 'Tests 3 max vals'").max_values(3)
.about("tests subcommands")
.author("Kevin K. <>")
.arg_from_usage("-o --option [scoption]... 'tests options'")
.arg_from_usage("-s --subcmdarg [subcmdarg] 'tests other args'")
.arg_from_usage("[scpositional] 'tests positionals'"))