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DOCCRATES = itertools
# deps to delete the generated docs
VERSIONS = $(patsubst %,target/VERS/%,$(DOCCRATES))
docs: mkdocs subst $(RMDOCS)
$(VERSIONS): Cargo.toml
mkdir -p $(@D)
cargo pkgid $(@F) | sed -e "s/.*#\(\|.*:\)//" > "$@"
$(DOCCRATES): %: target/VERS/%
# Put in the crate version into the docs
find ./doc/$@ -name "*.html" -exec sed -i -e "s/<title>\(.*\) - Rust/<title>$@ $(shell cat $<) - \1 - Rust/g" {} \;
subst: $(DOCCRATES)
mkdocs: Cargo.toml
cargo doc --features=$(FEATURES) --no-deps
rm -rf ./doc
cp -r ./target/doc ./doc
- cat ./custom.css >> doc/main.css
$(RMDOCS): mkdocs
rm -r ./doc/$@
sed -i "/searchIndex\['$@'\]/d" doc/search-index.js
.PHONY: docs mkdocs subst $(DOCCRATES) $(RMDOCS)