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extern crate flate2;
use std::io::prelude::*;
use std::io;
use flate2::Compression;
use flate2::write::GzEncoder;
use flate2::bufread::GzDecoder;
// Compress a sample string and print it after transformation.
fn main() {
let mut e = GzEncoder::new(Vec::new(), Compression::Default);
e.write(b"Hello World").unwrap();
let bytes = e.finish().unwrap();
println!("{}", decode_reader(bytes).unwrap());
// Uncompresses a Gz Encoded vector of bytes and returns a string or error
// Here &[u8] implements BufRead
fn decode_reader(bytes: Vec<u8>) -> io::Result<String> {
let mut gz = GzDecoder::new(&bytes[..])?;
let mut s = String::new();
gz.read_to_string(&mut s)?;