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A Rust JSON5 serializer and deserializer which speaks Serde.


Deserialize a JSON5 string with from_str. Go the other way with to_string. The serializer is very basic at the moment, it just produces plain old JSON. See the Serde documentation for details on implementing Serialize and Deserialize. (Usually it's just a case of sprinkling in some derives.)

The Serde data model is mostly supported, with the exception of bytes and borrowed strings.


Read some config into a struct.

use json5;
use serde_derive::Deserialize;

#[derive(Deserialize, Debug, PartialEq)]
struct Config {
    message: String,
    n: i32,

fn main() {
    let config = "
          // A traditional message.
          message: 'hello world',

          // A number for some reason.
          n: 42,

        Ok(Config {
            message: "hello world".to_string(),
            n: 42,