SipHash implementation for Rust

SipHash was recently removed from rust-core.

This crate brings SipHasher, SipHasher13 and SipHash24 back. It is based on the original implementation from rust-core and exposes the same API.

In addition, it can return 128-bit tags.

The sip module implements the standard 64-bit mode, whereas the sip128 module implements the 128-bit mode.


In Cargo.toml:

siphasher = "~0.2"

64-bit mode:

extern crate siphasher;

use siphasher::sip::{SipHasher, SipHasher13, SipHasher24};

128-bit mode:

use siphasher::sip128::{Hasher128, Siphasher, SipHasher13, SipHasher24};

API documentation