Release 0.2.0 (2018-06-29)

All items exported from num-integer, num-iter, and num-traits are still semver-compatible with those exported by num 0.1. If you have these as public dependencies in your own crates, it is not a breaking change to move to num 0.2. However, this is not true of num-bigint, num-complex, or num-rational, as those exported items are distinct in this release.

A few common changes are listed below, but most of the development happens in the individual sub-crates. Please consult their release notes for more details about recent changes: num-bigint, num-complex, num-integer, num-iter, num-rational, and num-traits.


  • Updates to num-integer, num-iter, and num-traits are still compatible with num 0.1.
  • 128-bit integers are supported with Rust 1.26 and later.
  • BigInt, BigUint, Complex, and Ratio all implement Sum and Product.

Breaking Changes

  • num now requires rustc 1.15 or greater.
  • num-bigint, num-complex, and num-rational have all been updated to 0.2.
  • It's no longer possible to toggle individual num-* sub-crates using cargo features. If you need that control, please use those crates directly.
  • There is now a std feature, enabled by default, along with the implication that building without this feature makes this a #![no_std] crate. num::bigint is not available without std, and the other sub-crates may have limited functionality.
  • The serde dependency has been updated to 1.0, still disabled by default. The rustc-serialize crate is no longer supported by num.
  • The rand dependency has been updated to 0.5, now disabled by default. This requires rustc 1.22 or greater for rand's own requirement.

Contributors: @CAD97, @cuviper, and the many sub-crate contributors!

Release 0.1.42 (2018-02-08)

Contributors: @cuviper

Prior releases

No prior release notes were kept. Thanks all the same to the many contributors that have made this crate what it is!