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//! Futures.
use crate::task::{self, Poll};
use core::mem::PinMut;
pub use core::future::{Future, FutureObj, LocalFutureObj, UnsafeFutureObj};
/// A convenience for futures that return `Result` values that includes
/// a variety of adapters tailored to such futures.
pub trait TryFuture {
/// The type of successful values yielded by this future
type Ok;
/// The type of failures yielded by this future
type Error;
/// Poll this `TryFuture` as if it were a `Future`.
/// This method is a stopgap for a compiler limitation that prevents us from
/// directly inheriting from the `Future` trait; in the future it won't be
/// needed.
fn try_poll(
self: PinMut<Self>,
cx: &mut task::Context,
) -> Poll<Result<Self::Ok, Self::Error>>;
impl<F, T, E> TryFuture for F
where F: Future<Output = Result<T, E>>
type Ok = T;
type Error = E;
fn try_poll(self: PinMut<Self>, cx: &mut task::Context) -> Poll<F::Output> {