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//! I/O conveniences when working with primitives in `tokio-core`
//! Contains various combinators to work with I/O objects and type definitions
//! as well.
//! A description of the high-level I/O combinators can be [found online] in
//! addition to a description of the [low level details].
//! [found online]:
//! [low level details]:
mod copy;
mod flush;
mod read;
mod read_exact;
mod read_to_end;
mod read_until;
mod shutdown;
mod write_all;
pub use allow_std::AllowStdIo;
pub use self::copy::{copy, Copy};
pub use self::flush::{flush, Flush};
pub use lines::{lines, Lines};
pub use self::read::{read, Read};
pub use self::read_exact::{read_exact, ReadExact};
pub use self::read_to_end::{read_to_end, ReadToEnd};
pub use self::read_until::{read_until, ReadUntil};
pub use self::shutdown::{shutdown, Shutdown};
pub use split::{ReadHalf, WriteHalf};
pub use window::Window;
pub use self::write_all::{write_all, WriteAll};