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use std::io;
use bytes::BytesMut;
/// Trait of helper objects to write out messages as bytes, for use with
/// `FramedWrite`.
// Note: We can't deprecate this trait, because the deprecation carries through to tokio-codec, and
// there doesn't seem to be a way to un-deprecate the re-export.
pub trait Encoder {
/// The type of items consumed by the `Encoder`
type Item;
/// The type of encoding errors.
/// `FramedWrite` requires `Encoder`s errors to implement `From<io::Error>`
/// in the interest letting it return `Error`s directly.
type Error: From<io::Error>;
/// Encodes a frame into the buffer provided.
/// This method will encode `item` into the byte buffer provided by `dst`.
/// The `dst` provided is an internal buffer of the `Framed` instance and
/// will be written out when possible.
fn encode(&mut self, item: Self::Item, dst: &mut BytesMut)
-> Result<(), Self::Error>;