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use std::error::Error as StdError;
use futures::{Future, IntoFuture};
use body::Payload;
use super::Service;
/// An asynchronous constructor of `Service`s.
pub trait NewService {
/// The `Payload` body of the `http::Request`.
type ReqBody: Payload;
/// The `Payload` body of the `http::Response`.
type ResBody: Payload;
/// The error type that can be returned by `Service`s.
type Error: Into<Box<StdError + Send + Sync>>;
/// The resolved `Service` from `new_service()`.
type Service: Service<
/// The future returned from `new_service` of a `Service`.
type Future: Future<Item=Self::Service, Error=Self::InitError>;
/// The error type that can be returned when creating a new `Service`.
type InitError: Into<Box<StdError + Send + Sync>>;
/// Create a new `Service`.
fn new_service(&self) -> Self::Future;
impl<F, R, S> NewService for F
F: Fn() -> R,
R: IntoFuture<Item=S>,
R::Error: Into<Box<StdError + Send + Sync>>,
S: Service,
type ReqBody = S::ReqBody;
type ResBody = S::ResBody;
type Error = S::Error;
type Service = S;
type Future = R::Future;
type InitError = R::Error;
fn new_service(&self) -> Self::Future {