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use bytes::BytesMut;
use http::{HeaderMap, Method};
use proto::{MessageHead, BodyLength, DecodedLength};
pub(crate) use self::conn::Conn;
pub(crate) use self::dispatch::Dispatcher;
pub use self::decode::Decoder;
pub use self::encode::{EncodedBuf, Encoder};
pub use self::io::Cursor; //TODO: move out of h1::io
pub use self::io::MINIMUM_MAX_BUFFER_SIZE;
mod conn;
pub(super) mod date;
mod decode;
pub(crate) mod dispatch;
mod encode;
mod io;
mod role;
pub(crate) type ServerTransaction = role::Server;
pub(crate) type ClientTransaction = role::Client;
pub(crate) trait Http1Transaction {
type Incoming;
type Outgoing: Default;
const LOG: &'static str;
fn parse(bytes: &mut BytesMut, ctx: ParseContext) -> ParseResult<Self::Incoming>;
fn encode(enc: Encode<Self::Outgoing>, dst: &mut Vec<u8>) -> ::Result<Encoder>;
fn on_error(err: &::Error) -> Option<MessageHead<Self::Outgoing>>;
fn should_error_on_parse_eof() -> bool;
fn should_read_first() -> bool;
fn update_date() {}
/// Result newtype for Http1Transaction::parse.
pub(crate) type ParseResult<T> = Result<Option<ParsedMessage<T>>, ::error::Parse>;
pub(crate) struct ParsedMessage<T> {
head: MessageHead<T>,
decode: DecodedLength,
expect_continue: bool,
keep_alive: bool,
wants_upgrade: bool,
pub(crate) struct ParseContext<'a> {
cached_headers: &'a mut Option<HeaderMap>,
req_method: &'a mut Option<Method>,
/// Passed to Http1Transaction::encode
pub(crate) struct Encode<'a, T: 'a> {
head: &'a mut MessageHead<T>,
body: Option<BodyLength>,
keep_alive: bool,
req_method: &'a mut Option<Method>,
title_case_headers: bool,