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use Error;
use header::{HeaderName, HeaderValue};
use method::Method;
use sealed::Sealed;
use status::StatusCode;
use uri::Uri;
/// Private trait for the `http` crate to have generic methods with fallible
/// conversions.
/// This trait is similar to the `TryFrom` trait proposed in the standard
/// library, except this is specialized for the `http` crate and isn't intended
/// for general consumption.
/// This trait cannot be implemented types outside of the `http` crate, and is
/// only intended for use as a generic bound on methods in the `http` crate.
pub trait HttpTryFrom<T>: Sized + Sealed {
/// Associated error with the conversion this implementation represents.
type Error: Into<Error>;
fn try_from(t: T) -> Result<Self, Self::Error>;
macro_rules! reflexive {
($($t:ty,)*) => ($(
impl HttpTryFrom<$t> for $t {
type Error = Error;
fn try_from(t: Self) -> Result<Self, Self::Error> {
impl Sealed for $t {}
reflexive! {