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#![deprecated(note = "implementation moved to `iter_ok` and `iter_result`")]
use Poll;
use stream::{iter_result, IterResult, Stream};
/// A stream which is just a shim over an underlying instance of `Iterator`.
/// This stream will never block and is always ready.
#[must_use = "streams do nothing unless polled"]
pub struct Iter<I>(IterResult<I>);
/// Converts an `Iterator` over `Result`s into a `Stream` which is always ready
/// to yield the next value.
/// Iterators in Rust don't express the ability to block, so this adapter simply
/// always calls `` and returns that.
/// ```rust
/// use futures::*;
/// let mut stream = stream::iter(vec![Ok(17), Err(false), Ok(19)]);
/// assert_eq!(Ok(Async::Ready(Some(17))), stream.poll());
/// assert_eq!(Err(false), stream.poll());
/// assert_eq!(Ok(Async::Ready(Some(19))), stream.poll());
/// assert_eq!(Ok(Async::Ready(None)), stream.poll());
/// ```
pub fn iter<J, T, E>(i: J) -> Iter<J::IntoIter>
where J: IntoIterator<Item=Result<T, E>>,
impl<I, T, E> Stream for Iter<I>
where I: Iterator<Item=Result<T, E>>,
type Item = T;
type Error = E;
fn poll(&mut self) -> Poll<Option<T>, E> {