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//! Definition of the Empty combinator, a future that's never ready.
use core::marker;
use {Future, Poll, Async};
/// A future which is never resolved.
/// This future can be created with the `empty` function.
#[must_use = "futures do nothing unless polled"]
pub struct Empty<T, E> {
_data: marker::PhantomData<(T, E)>,
/// Creates a future which never resolves, representing a computation that never
/// finishes.
/// The returned future will forever return `Async::NotReady`.
pub fn empty<T, E>() -> Empty<T, E> {
Empty { _data: marker::PhantomData }
impl<T, E> Future for Empty<T, E> {
type Item = T;
type Error = E;
fn poll(&mut self) -> Poll<T, E> {