Revert "[gn] Use the deprecated_system_image spelling"

This reverts commit a02e9bded3f702c96cba70f75c012dd6b612f16d.

Cargo complains as follows:
`directory sources are not intended to be edited, if modifications are
required then it is recommended that [replace] is used with a forked
copy of the source`

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Fuchsia Rust package ( mirror Repository

This repository contains a copy of Rust packages used in Fuchsia, fetched from It was generated by running the cargo-vendor tool over all targets in the Fuchsia tree, with the --explicit-version flag specified so that subdirectory names contain the version.

In cases where the crate hosted by does not contain a LICENSE file (see cargo issue #3537 for why this happens), a script fetched the license(s) from the upstream repository and wrote them to LICENSE at the root of each crate.