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/* Copyright 2016 Torbjørn Birch Moltu
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, <LICENSE-APACHE or
*> or the MIT license <LICENSE-MIT or
*>, at your option. This file may not be
* copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.
//! iterators are stateful; test that they behave.
use std::io::Read;
extern crate encode_unicode;
use encode_unicode::CharExt;
//use encode_unicode::{Utf8Iterator,Utf16Iterator};
fn read_single_byte() {
let mut buf = [0; 4];
for c in 0..128 {
let uc = char::from_u32_detailed(c).unwrap().to_utf8();
let mut iter = uc.into_iter();
assert_eq!(( buf[..4]).unwrap(),c), (1,c));
assert_eq!(( buf[..4]).unwrap(),c), (0,c));
let mut iter = uc.into_iter();
assert_eq!(( buf[..1]).unwrap(),c), (1,c));
assert_eq!(( buf[..1]).unwrap(),c), (0,c));
let mut iter = uc.into_iter();
assert_eq!(( buf[..0]).unwrap(),c), (0,c));
assert_eq!(( buf[..2]).unwrap(),c), (1,c));