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//! Services and MakeServices
//! - A [`Service`](Service) is a trait representing an asynchronous function
//! of a request to a response. It's similar to
//! `async fn(Request) -> Result<Response, Error>`.
//! - A [`MakeService`](MakeService) is a trait creating specific instances of a
//! `Service`.
//! These types are conceptually similar to those in
//! [tower](, while being specific to hyper.
//! # Service
//! In hyper, especially in the server setting, a `Service` is usually bound
//! to a single connection. It defines how to respond to **all** requests that
//! connection will receive.
//! While it's possible to implement `Service` for a type manually, the helpers
//! [`service_fn`](service_fn) and [`service_fn_ok`](service_fn_ok) should be
//! sufficient for most cases.
//! # MakeService
//! Since a `Service` is bound to a single connection, a [`Server`](::Server)
//! needs a way to make them as it accepts connections. This is what a
//! `MakeService` does.
//! Resources that need to be shared by all `Service`s can be put into a
//! `MakeService`, and then passed to individual `Service`s when `make_service`
//! is called.
mod make_service;
mod new_service;
mod service;
pub use self::make_service::{make_service_fn, MakeService, MakeServiceRef};
// NewService is soft-deprecated.
pub use self::new_service::NewService;
pub use self::service::{service_fn, service_fn_ok, Service};