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mod buffer;
mod counts;
mod flow_control;
mod prioritize;
mod recv;
mod send;
mod state;
mod store;
mod stream;
mod streams;
pub(crate) use self::prioritize::Prioritized;
pub(crate) use self::recv::Open;
pub(crate) use self::send::PollReset;
pub(crate) use self::streams::{StreamRef, OpaqueStreamRef, Streams};
use self::buffer::Buffer;
use self::counts::Counts;
use self::flow_control::FlowControl;
use self::prioritize::Prioritize;
use self::recv::Recv;
use self::send::Send;
use self::state::State;
use self::store::Store;
use self::stream::Stream;
use frame::{StreamId, StreamIdOverflow};
use proto::*;
use bytes::Bytes;
use std::time::Duration;
pub struct Config {
/// Initial window size of locally initiated streams
pub local_init_window_sz: WindowSize,
/// Initial maximum number of locally initiated streams.
/// After receiving a Settings frame from the remote peer,
/// the connection will overwrite this value with the
/// MAX_CONCURRENT_STREAMS specified in the frame.
pub initial_max_send_streams: usize,
/// The stream ID to start the next local stream with
pub local_next_stream_id: StreamId,
/// If the local peer is willing to receive push promises
pub local_push_enabled: bool,
/// How long a locally reset stream should ignore frames
pub local_reset_duration: Duration,
/// Maximum number of locally reset streams to keep at a time
pub local_reset_max: usize,
/// Initial window size of remote initiated streams
pub remote_init_window_sz: WindowSize,
/// Maximum number of remote initiated streams
pub remote_max_initiated: Option<usize>,