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// Copyright 2016 Amanieu d'Antras
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0, <LICENSE-APACHE or
//> or the MIT license <LICENSE-MIT or
//>, at your option. This file may not be
// copied, modified, or distributed except according to those terms.
//! This library exposes a low-level API for creating your own efficient
//! synchronization primitives.
//! # The parking lot
//! To keep synchronization primitives small, all thread queuing and suspending
//! functionality is offloaded to the *parking lot*. The idea behind this is based
//! on the Webkit [`WTF::ParkingLot`](
//! class, which essentially consists of a hash table mapping of lock addresses
//! to queues of parked (sleeping) threads. The Webkit parking lot was itself
//! inspired by Linux [futexes](,
//! but it is more powerful since it allows invoking callbacks while holding a
//! queue lock.
//! There are two main operations that can be performed on the parking lot:
//! - *Parking* refers to suspending the thread while simultaneously enqueuing it
//! on a queue keyed by some address.
//! - *Unparking* refers to dequeuing a thread from a queue keyed by some address
//! and resuming it.
//! See the documentation of the individual functions for more details.
//! # Building custom synchronization primitives
//! Building custom synchronization primitives is very simple since the parking
//! lot takes care of all the hard parts for you. A simple example for a
//! custom primitive would be to integrate a `Mutex` inside another data type.
//! Since a mutex only requires 2 bits, it can share space with other data.
//! For example, one could create an `ArcMutex` type that combines the atomic
//! reference count and the two mutex bits in the same atomic word.
#![cfg_attr(all(feature = "nightly", target_os = "linux"), feature(integer_atomics))]
extern crate rand;
extern crate smallvec;
#[cfg(feature = "deadlock_detection")]
extern crate backtrace;
#[cfg(feature = "deadlock_detection")]
extern crate petgraph;
#[cfg(feature = "deadlock_detection")]
extern crate thread_id;
extern crate libc;
extern crate winapi;
#[cfg(all(feature = "nightly", target_os = "linux"))]
#[path = "thread_parker/"]
mod thread_parker;
#[cfg(all(unix, not(all(feature = "nightly", target_os = "linux"))))]
#[path = "thread_parker/"]
mod thread_parker;
#[path = "thread_parker/windows/"]
mod thread_parker;
#[cfg(not(any(windows, unix)))]
#[path = "thread_parker/"]
mod thread_parker;
mod util;
mod spinwait;
mod word_lock;
mod parking_lot;
pub use parking_lot::{FilterOp, ParkResult, ParkToken, RequeueOp, UnparkResult, UnparkToken};
pub use parking_lot::{park, unpark_all, unpark_filter, unpark_one, unpark_requeue};
pub use spinwait::SpinWait;
pub use parking_lot::deadlock;