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// Example usage with Rocket (
// Direct integration is not provided at this time as it appears the Rocket folks would prefer
// to handle multipart requests behind the scenes.
extern crate multipart;
extern crate rocket;
use multipart::mock::StdoutTee;
use multipart::server::Multipart;
use multipart::server::save::Entries;
use multipart::server::save::SaveResult::*;
use rocket::Data;
use rocket::http::{ContentType, Status};
use rocket::response::Stream;
use rocket::response::status::Custom;
use std::io::{self, Cursor, Write};
#[post("/upload", data = "<data>")]
// signature requires the request to have a `Content-Type`
fn multipart_upload(cont_type: &ContentType, data: Data) -> Result<Stream<Cursor<Vec<u8>>>, Custom<String>> {
// this and the next check can be implemented as a request guard but it seems like just
// more boilerplate than necessary
if !cont_type.is_form_data() {
return Err(Custom(
"Content-Type not multipart/form-data".into()
let (_, boundary) = cont_type.params().find(|&(k, _)| k == "boundary").ok_or_else(
|| Custom(
"`Content-Type: multipart/form-data` boundary param not provided".into()
match process_upload(boundary, data) {
Ok(resp) => Ok(Stream::from(Cursor::new(resp))),
Err(err) => Err(Custom(Status::InternalServerError, err.to_string()))
fn process_upload(boundary: &str, data: Data) -> io::Result<Vec<u8>> {
let mut out = Vec::new();
// saves all fields, any field longer than 10kB goes to a temporary directory
// Entries could implement FromData though that would give zero control over
// how the files are saved; Multipart would be a good impl candidate though
match Multipart::with_body(, boundary).save().temp() {
Full(entries) => process_entries(entries, &mut out)?,
Partial(partial, reason) => {
writeln!(out, "Request partially processed: {:?}", reason)?;
if let Some(field) = partial.partial {
writeln!(out, "Stopped on field: {:?}", field.source.headers)?;
process_entries(partial.entries, &mut out)?
Error(e) => return Err(e),
// having a streaming output would be nice; there's one for returning a `Read` impl
// but not one that you can `write()` to
fn process_entries(entries: Entries, mut out: &mut Vec<u8>) -> io::Result<()> {
let stdout = io::stdout();
let tee = StdoutTee::new(&mut out, &stdout);
writeln!(out, "Entries processed")
fn main() {
rocket::ignite().mount("/", routes![multipart_upload]).launch();