This is Fuchsia's copy of rapidjson, C++ JSON parser and generator library.

The root of this repository contains a copy of the include directory of the upstream repo. If changing the repository structure, please keep in mind that the upstream repo contains third-party elements (outside of include) under non-standard license that we do not want to pull in.

Version: 973dc9c06dcd3d035ebd039cfb9ea457721ec213

rolling forward

Grab a copy of the upstream repository:

git clone git@github.com:miloyip/rapidjson.git
cd rapidjson

, or update an existing copy:

cd rapidjson
git fetch origin

Checkout the version you want to pull in:

git checkout origin/version1.1.0

Copy the files over to Fuchsia's copy:

rm -rf rapidjson
cp -r UPSTREAM_RAPIDJSON_DIR/include/rapidjson .

Update BUILD.gn as needed. Update this file to include the new version of the repo. Run git add ., git commit and upload the roll for review.