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/* SPDX-License-Identifier: MIT */
* Define Sparc target-specific constraint sets.
* Copyright (c) 2021 Linaro
* C_On_Im(...) defines a constraint set with <n> outputs and <m> inputs.
* Each operand should be a sequence of constraint letters as defined by
* tcg-target-con-str.h; the constraint combination is inclusive or.
C_O0_I2(rZ, r)
C_O0_I2(RZ, r)
C_O0_I2(rZ, rJ)
C_O0_I2(RZ, RJ)
C_O0_I2(sZ, A)
C_O0_I2(SZ, A)
C_O1_I1(r, A)
C_O1_I1(R, A)
C_O1_I1(r, r)
C_O1_I1(r, R)
C_O1_I1(R, r)
C_O1_I1(R, R)
C_O1_I2(R, R, R)
C_O1_I2(r, rZ, rJ)
C_O1_I2(R, RZ, RJ)
C_O1_I4(r, rZ, rJ, rI, 0)
C_O1_I4(R, RZ, RJ, RI, 0)
C_O2_I2(r, r, rZ, rJ)
C_O2_I4(R, R, RZ, RZ, RJ, RI)
C_O2_I4(r, r, rZ, rZ, rJ, rJ)