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# Reverse debugging test
# Copyright (c) 2020 ISP RAS
# Author:
# Pavel Dovgalyuk <>
# This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or
# later. See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
import os
import logging
from avocado import skipIf
from avocado_qemu import BUILD_DIR
from avocado.utils import gdb
from avocado.utils import process
from import find_free_port
from avocado.utils.path import find_command
from boot_linux_console import LinuxKernelTest
class ReverseDebugging(LinuxKernelTest):
Test GDB reverse debugging commands: reverse step and reverse continue.
Recording saves the execution of some instructions and makes an initial
VM snapshot to allow reverse execution.
Replay saves the order of the first instructions and then checks that they
are executed backwards in the correct order.
After that the execution is replayed to the end, and reverse continue
command is checked by setting several breakpoints, and asserting
that the execution is stopped at the last of them.
timeout = 10
STEPS = 10
endian_is_le = True
def run_vm(self, record, shift, args, replay_path, image_path, port):
logger = logging.getLogger('replay')
vm = self.get_vm()
if record:'recording the execution...')
mode = 'record'
else:'replaying the execution...')
mode = 'replay'
vm.add_args('-gdb', 'tcp::%d' % port, '-S')
vm.add_args('-icount', 'shift=%s,rr=%s,rrfile=%s,rrsnapshot=init' %
(shift, mode, replay_path),
'-net', 'none')
vm.add_args('-drive', 'file=%s,if=none' % image_path)
if args:
return vm
def get_reg_le(g, reg):
res = g.cmd(b'p%x' % reg)
num = 0
for i in range(len(res))[-2::-2]:
num = 0x100 * num + int(res[i:i + 2], 16)
return num
def get_reg_be(g, reg):
res = g.cmd(b'p%x' % reg)
return int(res, 16)
def get_reg(self, g, reg):
# value may be encoded in BE or LE order
if self.endian_is_le:
return self.get_reg_le(g, reg)
return self.get_reg_be(g, reg)
def get_pc(self, g):
return self.get_reg(g, self.REG_PC)
def check_pc(self, g, addr):
pc = self.get_pc(g)
if pc != addr:'Invalid PC (read %x instead of %x)' % (pc, addr))
def gdb_step(g):
g.cmd(b's', b'T05thread:01;')
def gdb_bstep(g):
g.cmd(b'bs', b'T05thread:01;')
def vm_get_icount(vm):
return vm.qmp('query-replay')['return']['icount']
def reverse_debugging(self, shift=7, args=None):
logger = logging.getLogger('replay')
# create qcow2 for snapshots'creating qcow2 image for VM snapshots')
image_path = os.path.join(self.workdir, 'disk.qcow2')
qemu_img = os.path.join(BUILD_DIR, 'qemu-img')
if not os.path.exists(qemu_img):
qemu_img = find_command('qemu-img', False)
if qemu_img is False:
self.cancel('Could not find "qemu-img", which is required to '
'create the temporary qcow2 image')
cmd = '%s create -f qcow2 %s 128M' % (qemu_img, image_path)
replay_path = os.path.join(self.workdir, 'replay.bin')
port = find_free_port()
# record the log
vm = self.run_vm(True, shift, args, replay_path, image_path, port)
while self.vm_get_icount(vm) <= self.STEPS:
last_icount = self.vm_get_icount(vm)
vm.shutdown()"recorded log with %s+ steps" % last_icount)
# replay and run debug commands
vm = self.run_vm(False, shift, args, replay_path, image_path, port)'connecting to gdbstub')
g = gdb.GDBRemote('', port, False, False)
r = g.cmd(b'qSupported')
if b'qXfer:features:read+' in r:
if b'ReverseStep+' not in r:'Reverse step is not supported by QEMU')
if b'ReverseContinue+' not in r:'Reverse continue is not supported by QEMU')'stepping forward')
steps = []
# record first instruction addresses
for _ in range(self.STEPS):
pc = self.get_pc(g)'saving position %x' % pc)
# visit the recorded instruction in reverse order'stepping backward')
for addr in steps[::-1]:
self.check_pc(g, addr)'found position %x' % addr)'seeking to the end (icount %s)' % (last_icount - 1))
vm.qmp('replay-break', icount=last_icount - 1)
# continue - will return after pausing
g.cmd(b'c', b'T02thread:01;')'setting breakpoints')
for addr in steps:
# hardware breakpoint at addr with len=1
g.cmd(b'Z1,%x,1' % addr, b'OK')'running reverse continue to reach %x' % steps[-1])
# reverse continue - will return after stopping at the breakpoint
g.cmd(b'bc', b'T05thread:01;')
# assume that none of the first instructions is executed again
# breaking the order of the breakpoints
self.check_pc(g, steps[-1])'successfully reached %x' % steps[-1])'exitting gdb and qemu')
class ReverseDebugging_X86_64(ReverseDebugging):
REG_PC = 0x10
REG_CS = 0x12
def get_pc(self, g):
return self.get_reg_le(g, self.REG_PC) \
+ self.get_reg_le(g, self.REG_CS) * 0x10
# unidentified gitlab timeout problem
@skipIf(os.getenv('GITLAB_CI'), 'Running on GitLab')
def test_x86_64_pc(self):
:avocado: tags=arch:x86_64
:avocado: tags=machine:pc
# start with BIOS only
class ReverseDebugging_AArch64(ReverseDebugging):
REG_PC = 32
# unidentified gitlab timeout problem
@skipIf(os.getenv('GITLAB_CI'), 'Running on GitLab')
def test_aarch64_virt(self):
:avocado: tags=arch:aarch64
:avocado: tags=machine:virt
:avocado: tags=cpu:cortex-a53
kernel_url = (''
kernel_hash = '8c73e469fc6ea06a58dc83a628fc695b693b8493'
kernel_path = self.fetch_asset(kernel_url, asset_hash=kernel_hash)
args=('-kernel', kernel_path))