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# Functional test that boots the canon-a1100 machine with firmware
# Copyright (c) 2020 Red Hat, Inc.
# Author:
# Thomas Huth <>
# This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or
# later. See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
from avocado_qemu import QemuSystemTest
from avocado_qemu import wait_for_console_pattern
from avocado.utils import archive
class CanonA1100Machine(QemuSystemTest):
"""Boots the barebox firmware and checks that the console is operational"""
timeout = 90
def test_arm_canona1100(self):
:avocado: tags=arch:arm
:avocado: tags=machine:canon-a1100
:avocado: tags=device:pflash_cfi02
tar_url = (''
tar_hash = '068b5fc4242b29381acee94713509f8a876e9db6'
file_path = self.fetch_asset(tar_url, asset_hash=tar_hash)
archive.extract(file_path, self.workdir)
self.workdir + '/day18/')
wait_for_console_pattern(self, 'running /env/bin/init')