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# -*- Mode: Python -*-
# Note that modules are shared with the QEMU main schema under the assumption
# that the storage daemon schema is a subset of the main schema. For the shared
# modules, no code is generated here, but we reuse the code files generated
# from the main schema.
# If you wish to extend the storage daemon schema to contain things that are
# not in the main schema, be aware that array types of types defined in shared
# modules are only generated if an array of the respective type is already used
# in the main schema. Therefore, if you use such arrays, you may need to define
# the array type in the main schema, even if it is unused outside of the
# storage daemon.
{ 'include': '../../qapi/pragma.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/block-core.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/char.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/common.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/control.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/crypto.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/introspect.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/job.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/qom.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/sockets.json' }
{ 'include': '../../qapi/transaction.json' }