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* QEMU SPAPR Option/Architecture Vector Definitions
* Each architecture option is organized/documented by the following
* in LoPAPR 1.1, Table 244:
* <vector number>: the bit-vector in which the option is located
* <vector byte>: the byte offset of the vector entry
* <vector bit>: the bit offset within the vector entry
* where each vector entry can be one or more bytes.
* Firmware expects a somewhat literal encoding of this bit-vector
* structure, where each entry is stored in little-endian so that the
* byte ordering reflects that of the documentation, but where each bit
* offset is from "left-to-right" in the traditional representation of
* a byte value where the MSB is the left-most bit. Thus, each
* individual byte encodes the option bits in reverse order of the
* documented bit.
* These definitions/helpers attempt to abstract away this internal
* representation so that we can define/set/test for individual option
* bits using only the documented values. This is done mainly by relying
* on a bitmap to approximate the documented "bit-vector" structure and
* handling conversations to-from the internal representation under the
* covers.
* Copyright IBM Corp. 2016
* Authors:
* Michael Roth <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or later.
* See the COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#ifndef SPAPR_OVEC_H
#define SPAPR_OVEC_H
#include "cpu.h"
typedef struct SpaprOptionVector SpaprOptionVector;
#define OV_BIT(byte, bit) ((byte - 1) * BITS_PER_BYTE + bit)
/* option vector 1 */
#define OV1_PPC_3_00 OV_BIT(3, 0) /* guest supports PowerPC 3.00? */
/* option vector 5 */
#define OV5_DRCONF_MEMORY OV_BIT(2, 2)
#define OV5_FORM1_AFFINITY OV_BIT(5, 0)
#define OV5_HP_EVT OV_BIT(6, 5)
#define OV5_HPT_RESIZE OV_BIT(6, 7)
#define OV5_DRMEM_V2 OV_BIT(22, 0)
#define OV5_XIVE_BOTH OV_BIT(23, 0)
#define OV5_XIVE_EXPLOIT OV_BIT(23, 1) /* 1=exploitation 0=legacy */
/* ISA 3.00 MMU features: */
#define OV5_MMU_BOTH OV_BIT(24, 0) /* Radix and hash */
#define OV5_MMU_RADIX_300 OV_BIT(24, 1) /* 1=Radix only, 0=Hash only */
#define OV5_MMU_RADIX_GTSE OV_BIT(26, 1) /* Radix GTSE */
/* interfaces */
SpaprOptionVector *spapr_ovec_new(void);
SpaprOptionVector *spapr_ovec_clone(SpaprOptionVector *ov_orig);
void spapr_ovec_intersect(SpaprOptionVector *ov,
SpaprOptionVector *ov1,
SpaprOptionVector *ov2);
bool spapr_ovec_subset(SpaprOptionVector *ov1, SpaprOptionVector *ov2);
void spapr_ovec_cleanup(SpaprOptionVector *ov);
void spapr_ovec_set(SpaprOptionVector *ov, long bitnr);
void spapr_ovec_clear(SpaprOptionVector *ov, long bitnr);
bool spapr_ovec_test(SpaprOptionVector *ov, long bitnr);
SpaprOptionVector *spapr_ovec_parse_vector(target_ulong table_addr, int vector);
int spapr_dt_ovec(void *fdt, int fdt_offset,
SpaprOptionVector *ov, const char *name);
/* migration */
extern const VMStateDescription vmstate_spapr_ovec;
#endif /* SPAPR_OVEC_H */