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* QEMU PowerPC XIVE interrupt controller model
* Copyright (c) 2017-2019, IBM Corporation.
* This code is licensed under the GPL version 2 or later. See the
* COPYING file in the top-level directory.
#ifndef PPC_PNV_XIVE_H
#define PPC_PNV_XIVE_H
#include "hw/ppc/xive.h"
struct PnvChip;
#define TYPE_PNV_XIVE "pnv-xive"
#define PNV_XIVE(obj) OBJECT_CHECK(PnvXive, (obj), TYPE_PNV_XIVE)
#define PNV_XIVE_CLASS(klass) \
#define PNV_XIVE_GET_CLASS(obj) \
#define XIVE_BLOCK_MAX 16
#define XIVE_TABLE_BLK_MAX 16 /* Block Scope Table (0-15) */
#define XIVE_TABLE_MIG_MAX 16 /* Migration Register Table (1-15) */
#define XIVE_TABLE_VDT_MAX 16 /* VDT Domain Table (0-15) */
#define XIVE_TABLE_EDT_MAX 64 /* EDT Domain Table (0-63) */
typedef struct PnvXive {
XiveRouter parent_obj;
/* Owning chip */
struct PnvChip *chip;
/* XSCOM addresses giving access to the controller registers */
MemoryRegion xscom_regs;
/* Main MMIO regions that can be configured by FW */
MemoryRegion ic_mmio;
MemoryRegion ic_reg_mmio;
MemoryRegion ic_notify_mmio;
MemoryRegion ic_lsi_mmio;
MemoryRegion tm_indirect_mmio;
MemoryRegion vc_mmio;
MemoryRegion pc_mmio;
MemoryRegion tm_mmio;
* IPI and END address spaces modeling the EDT segmentation in the
* VC region
AddressSpace ipi_as;
MemoryRegion ipi_mmio;
MemoryRegion ipi_edt_mmio;
AddressSpace end_as;
MemoryRegion end_mmio;
MemoryRegion end_edt_mmio;
/* Shortcut values for the Main MMIO regions */
hwaddr ic_base;
uint32_t ic_shift;
hwaddr vc_base;
uint32_t vc_shift;
hwaddr pc_base;
uint32_t pc_shift;
hwaddr tm_base;
uint32_t tm_shift;
/* Our XIVE source objects for IPIs and ENDs */
XiveSource ipi_source;
XiveENDSource end_source;
/* Interrupt controller registers */
uint64_t regs[0x300];
* Virtual Structure Descriptor tables : EAT, SBE, ENDT, NVTT, IRQ
* These are in a SRAM protected by ECC.
uint64_t vsds[5][XIVE_BLOCK_MAX];
/* Translation tables */
uint64_t blk[XIVE_TABLE_BLK_MAX];
uint64_t mig[XIVE_TABLE_MIG_MAX];
uint64_t vdt[XIVE_TABLE_VDT_MAX];
uint64_t edt[XIVE_TABLE_EDT_MAX];
} PnvXive;
typedef struct PnvXiveClass {
XiveRouterClass parent_class;
DeviceRealize parent_realize;
} PnvXiveClass;
void pnv_xive_pic_print_info(PnvXive *xive, Monitor *mon);
#endif /* PPC_PNV_XIVE_H */